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Just What is Marketing Jive?

The twenty first century has taken marketers into a new place. Marketers and consumers alike have been taken to this new online world, where the only constant is change. This digital world is a place where information travels extraordinarily fast. Anybody and everybody have an opinion in the online world, so why should I be any different? Marketers tend to talk a lot. Online marketers are no different. A lot of this could be considered Jive talk in the traditional sense where the discussion is about nonsense. At Marketing Jive, we’re not about that kind of jive talk. Marketing Jive is a place where the Jive you find here is based on our experience and our take on the digital marketing world.

We’re passionate about things such as SEO, continuous improvement and online marketing. We’re also passionate about sports marketing and breaking down the ambiguous marketing terminology to a more simplified discussion, a jive discussion if you will. 

The idea behind Marketing Jive stems back to when I was kid, reading Marvel comics following the adventures of the Amazing Spiderman and a lesser-known character Luke Cage. Luke Cage was one of the first African-American superheroes to star in their own comic book. As Wikipedia states, he was visibly Marvel's entry into the 1970s blaxploitation trend, and much of "Hero for Hire" saw him sport an exaggerated streetwise tongue, including the catch phrase "Sweet Christmas!" I remembered him saying things like “… you jive talk turkeys…”. It was this character with a streetwise tongue that was in part some of the inspiration for Marketing Jive.

I wanted to create a web environment where people could discuss marketing, and let’s be honest there is a lot of marketing jive out there, but I wanted www.marketing-jive.com to be a place where we featured respected opinion and a place where we take some of the ambiguity out of the marketing jive that we hear and are presented with everyday. If you are looking for online marketing tips and discussion about things such as SEO and Search, well if you come to the right place.

JIVE = Just Interested in Vital Epinions

You may be familiar with my former blog SEO-Space, well SEO-Space has undergone a transformation to the Marketing Jive Blog which you will now find on this site. We hope you like what you see here on Marketing Jive and invite you to be a part of it.