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Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords for 2012
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
2012 marks the sixth anniversary of our annual top 100 marketing buzzwords feature.    What are some of the topics that we can expect to hear from marketers in 2012? 

Buzzword - a phrase or word that entices people to discuss a topic in repetition.

Here is our list of the top marketing buzzwords for 2012.

Top Marketing Buzzwords for 2012
  1. Realignment
  2. Mobile Marketing
  3. Turnkey Solution
  4. Leverage
  5. Social Engagement
  6. Lead Gen
  7. Content Marketing
  8. Personalization
  9. Hybrid Marketing
  10. Segmentation
  11. Online Maturation
  12. Long-Tail
  13. Proactive
  14. Digital Integration
  15. Viability
  16. Digital Marketing
  17. Benchmarking
  18. Brand Extension
  19. Article Marketing
  20. Bundling
  21. Customer Centric
  22. Organic Campaigns
  23. Tablet Marketing
  24. Siloed
  25. Lean
  26. Algorithm Anxiety
  27. Content Promotion
  28. Brand Partnering
  29. Trending
  30. Online Marketing
  31. User Generated
  32. KPI
  33. Brand Loyalty
  34. Minimalism
  35. Multi-Channel Push
  36. Game Changer
  37. Web-Spam
  38. Tipping Point
  39. Reversion
  40. Near Field Communication (NFC)
  41. Ultrabooks (i.e. super-slim laptops)
  42. Monitor Shopping (online version of window shopping)
  43. Neuromarketing
  44. Push the Envelope
  45. Transparency
  46. Rich Media Promotion
  47. More for Less
  48. Social Graph
  49. Bandwith
  50. Semantics
  51. Market Segmentation
  52. Hyper-Competitive
  53. Low-Hanging Fruit
  54. Globalization
  55. Remove the Ladder
  56. Customized Solutions
  57. Diversification
  58. Content Freshness
  59. Workflow
  60. Value Driven
  61. Retention
  62. Win-Win
  63. Content Enhancement
  64. Realignment
  65. Solution Based
  66. Blog Marketing
  67. Syndication
  68. Search Marketing Maturation
  69. Conversion Analysis
  70. Value Proposition
  71. Viral Campaign
  72. User Generation
  73. Integrated Marketing
  74. Visibility
  75. Market Penetration
  76. Relevance
  77. In-house
  78. Facebook Marketing
  79. Agency Integration
  80. Global Focus
  81. Online Advantage
  82. Outsourced
  83. Pandacized
  84. Local Targeting
  85. Brand Identity
  86. Value Stream
  87. App Marketing
  88. Strategic Alliance
  89. Keyword Research
  90. Innovation
  91. Consumerization
  92. Crowd sourcing
  93. Web 3.0
  94. Apple-Like
  95. Technology Fragmentation
  96. Synergy
  97. Evolution and Re-Evolution
  98. Hyperconnectivity
  99. Re-Purposing
  100. Restructuring

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posted by Jody @ Wednesday, January 18, 2012   0 comments
Improving Organic Search Marketing Efforts in 2012
Thursday, January 05, 2012
Organic search marketing, often referred to as SEO is not an easy gig.  Of course there are those out there who say that SEO is a farce or that SEO can be done by anyone.  I disagree on both accounts.  For me organic search marketing has never been about search engine manipulation.  It has always been about providing content around a given topic and creating a theme around this topic.  Keyword selection is a key piece of organic search marketing and we all know that keyword research is on-going, and with increased competition it can be difficult to gain an online presence for highly relevant yet competitive key phrases.  Factor in all of Google's algorithm changes and we begin to see how organic search marketing becomes increasingly challenging in a hurry.

Improving Organic Search Marketing Efforts in 2012

So what can we do to to improve organic search marketing efforts in 2012?  We have compiled some tips for improving organic search marketing efforts.

  1. Understand and respect the search engine algorithms - pay attention to what Google and Bing are doing.  Constantly perform spot checks for relevant key phrases to your business.  Check out the organic search landscape.  Which sites are consistently showing up?  What are they doing from an optimization perspective to obtain this visibility?  The engines factor in hundreds of items s with their ranking algorithms so pay attention to  key components such as:
    • Quality of content
    • Uniqueness of content
    • Quality of inbound links
    • Site engagement
    • Social engagement

  2. Become technically sound - work on understanding where Google is going with their organic search results.  Take the time to learn how to make your web properties technically sound.  This means evaluating areas such as:
    • Architecture and URL issues
    • Page Performance and page load times
    • HTML 5
    • Rich snippet markup
    • Indexation of your site
    • Canonical issues
    • Coding issues

  3. Invest in SMO (Social Media Optimization) - there are those out there who say social media is not for every business and while depending on your social media strategy this may be true to an extent, social media can be used by any business to promote your brand and your web properties.  It is one thing to have high quality content, you still need to promote your online content.  Social media is a great mechanism for doing this. 
  4. Support your organic search efforts with other marketing efforts - organic search is tough.  With Google doing what they want with their search results from giving big brands preferential treatment (Google Vince Update) to devaluing sites with perceived low quality content (Google Panda Updates) at the end of the day we are at mercy to the algorithms.  Not to state the obvious, but promotion of key pieces of your site's content via social, via news releases, via TV and magazine ads, PPC, email blasts etc.
  5. Timely Implementation is key - if your site is not completely well optimized in this day and age you are already behind the proverbial eight ball.  You should have a number of SEO initiatives on the go.  These items should already be prioritized.  Now you need to implement the changes to your website.  The longer it takes you to implement, the longer it takes to get the desired results and the more risk you face of not ever getting the desired results.  To be effective with your online marketing strategies, you must, must, must be able to anticipate and roll with change.  Change in the online landscape, the competitive landscape and the Google landscape.  Failure to implement in a timely manner can quickly seal your online fate.
The key components of your organic search strategy for 2012 are not all that different from your 2011 strategy:
  • proper keyword selection
  • fresh, unique and high quality content
  • some link popularity
  • effective site engagement
  • social mention
  • the ability to be indexed by the engines
Paying attention to the above items will help you improve your organic search marketing efforts.  While there will continue to be algorithm updates and increased online competition organic search marketing will continue to become more difficult.  The better prepared you are, the more likely you will be to experience success.

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posted by Jody @ Thursday, January 05, 2012   1 comments
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