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More Reaction to the Latest Google Panda Update
Monday, October 03, 2011
Last week, Google rolled out their latest Google Panda Update and it appears the reaction is similar to what many had when the original Google Panda update took place back in late February.  Searchmetrics shared some of the winners and losers of the most recent update.  It's no surprise to see content rich sites such as Zappos and the WSJ experiencing great success with the latest roll out of Panda, but what about the little guy?  What about the less popular brands with great content and great site experiences?

I am seeing more and more people become increasingly frustrated with Google's search results and this is not just site owners, but searchers alike.  It makes you wonder if Bing will continue to gain market share from Google?  Bing is no Google killer, but then again searchers need a decent alternative to Google whether that is Twitter, Facebook, or Bing.  So what are people saying about Google Panda 2.5?  Initially there seems to be suggestions that Google Panda 2.5 benefited video sites.  More on that here.

Response to Google 2.5

Here are a sample of responses from people on Google Panda 2.5:

Comments from  the Searchmetrics post from above:
  • Forget Google, they don’t know what the heck they’re doing anymore because they have an extremely fragmented approach to search. How many changes a year? (2-3 day average) and how many different “groups or teams” pushing updates? (too many).  Bing. Clean. Simple. Effective. All things Google USED to be. - John Davies
  • Fox news is up? Well there’s definitely something amiss with Google’s ‘quality’-meter.. - Jane
  • ... This is an update that favors Adwords spenders. Something commonly pointed out by Aaron Wall of SEO book. The bigger the spend the better the rankings.
    This update seems to validate the gov’t antitrust issues going on right now, and for once I agree with Capital Hill. Google seems to cook the results. They even remove sites manually because they object to them or feel they are spamming them which is not always the case its their “opinion”, yet they will allow large companies like JC Penny to publicly spam and get away with a 60 day penalty, while they take much heavier hands to other sites and penalize them for years and sometimes multiple occasions because of jealous competitors unjustified and sometimes cooked complaints.

    Google results are by far the worst they are today. You would think wikipedia and amazon own Google. They are a popularity search engine NOT a relative content search engine. Your site must be popular or it simply will not rank for relative content alone... - Google Antitrust
  • For those that think this is some evil-Google effort to benefit itself and big media, I think that’s off-base. They really are trying to get people the best results, but some types of content win and others lose out in the process... The pattern I’m seeing is that sites with a lot of video greatly improved and sites without much video focus got hit pretty hard. IGN, GameTrailers, G4TV and of course YouTube, TV.com, and metacafe.com are all sites with lots of video (or video-focused sites) that did well. GamePro.com and 1UP.com have much less video focus and took a big hit.- Norris Boothe

Response from Twitter:
  • @Elbst23 Google Panda strikes yet again. Late last week, Google Panda 2.5 made Waves across the web. Winners were big brands and video sites...
  • @mk03 Google Panda 2.5 update is now LIVE. Google has conformed, Panda 2.5 iteration is part of providing high quality site to Google user.
  • @WebProNews Google Panda Update: Google on Why Google Sites Did Well - su.pr/2MVG7y
  • @btabke Google Panda Update Content Farms vs Youtube Video Farm - YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=DmWPja…
  • @HesDave How many people are now un-employed due to PANDA? - Webmaster Central Help
  • @tedulle: New #Panda demoted Today Show & Motor Trend bit.ly/rekTjO The word "amok" comes to mind
  • The End Of The Road For Content Farms? About.Com Fires 15 Of 22 Editorial Staff - http://ow.ly/6Had1 
Other opinions:

Rand Fishkin - SEOmoz: Google Panda & SEO Tips From SEOmoz
Chris Crum WebProNews: WebProNews - DaniWeb Loses Over Half of Traffic: The Panda is Back.
Google panda update posterchild gets hit again after full recovery.

Can you believe all of this outrage over a little Panda?  Look for future Panda updates coming to a Google near you.

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    posted by Jody @ 7:49 PM  
    • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Rob said…

      Part of the problem is no one seems to know what to do to fix their sites after panda? I know our sites got hit 2 or 3 pandas back - it didn't wipe us out but we lost a fair bit of traffic. I did my own analysis and made changes but it didn't seem to do much yet (I did have some recovery and it's still an ongoing thing but nowhere near our pre-panda levels). And I have almost 100 sites to work with. I can't imagine what the lone webmaster or SEO does to try and recover.

      Plus panda seems to target different sites with different criteria - what works for some doesn't work for others. And if you do find the "magic bullet" google wipes you out in the next update.

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