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Marketing Jive's Top 20 Posts of 2010
Sunday, December 19, 2010
It has been a busy year for me.  After nearly seven years at Enquiro Search Solutions, I left in August of this year to join a great team at Beelineweb.com.  From a search perspective, 2010 has been quite a monumental year.  Google has been in constant change mode with major algorithm and infrastructure changes not to mention some serious changes to their results pages.  Yahoo's search results were replaced by Bing, and I'm still not sold on that move.  Bing while gaining minimal market share is still technically a distant third place runner in the North American search engine market.

Throughout all of the changes, Marketing Jive has tried to keep on top of the major search news and has continued to provide SEO tips and best practices in the ever evolving world of search.  Here is a look at our top 20 posts from the past years.

Marketing Jive's Top 20 Posts of 2010

#20.  SEO Education & Knowledge Transfer: 21 Ways to Share SEO Knowledge - The need for education on SEO and SEM is continuing to evolve and as a result B2B companies and B2C companies alike are looking for ways to educate their teams on the latest techniques to ensure online success.  The Search industry is evolving quickly and there is a need to continually educate yourself on best practices and emerging trends that you can incorporate into your online marketing strategy.  The need for updated SEO education has become increasingly important with the emergence of things such as Google Instant and Bing utilizing their relationship with Facebook into search results into their search results.  The sharing of accurate SEO knowledge is key to the progress and management of your online marketing efforts.

#19.  SEO and Punctuation: 7 Things to Remember About Punctuation and Search Engines - This is an interesting topic that can easily get confused by Webmasters and site owners.  We're hoping to clarify as opposed to add to the confusion with this post on SEO and punctuation.

#18.  SEO Strategy: The Timing of Implementation - One of the drawbacks to SEO and one of the main reasons why so many companies are hesitant to follow through with a detailed organic SEO strategy is the time that it takes to see results. Organic results are not as easy to track as sponsored listings. It's fairly easy to determine if your PPC campaign is a success or not as you can measure your return directly compared to your spend. However with organic there are a number of factors that can impact your organic rankings...

#17.  There’s More to SEO than Just Link Building - The fact is that the search engine algorithms are fundamentally based on link popularity.  Yahoo for example, was started by David Filo and Jerry Yang got together  in February 1994 to organize their favorite sites on the Web.  They began compiling their lists of favorite links eventually turning Yahoo into the most popular destination on the Web.  While link popularity stills rules the Web, there is more to SEO than link building.

#16.  Content Development Strategy: 10 Items to Incorporate into Your Requirements - There are certain items that, regardless of the above, you will want to have as part of your content requirements.  As you plan or refine your content development strategy you will want to ensure that you have the following in place.  These requirements will allow you to efficiently produce the content that you need to reach your desired target audience.

#15.  Tools to Diagnose Impact of Google Algo Updates - Google Algorithm Changes & Updates Part Three - In our final installment of our series on Google Algorithm Updates and Changes we looked at various tools that you can use to help diagnose whether or not your site has been impacted by a recent Google update. Google makes upwards of 500 changes per year to their algorithm. Some of these changes will have no impact on your site while others may have a significant impact.  Here is a look at how to evaluate whether you have been impacted by a Google algorithm update.

#14. 14 Sitemap Best Practices for Optimizing Your Sitemaps - Our definitive list of sitemap best practices will feature tips for both XML and HTML sitemaps, but for the most part is geared more towards the HTML sitemap.

#13.  Planning a Content Development Strategy - To be successful in the hyper-competitive arena that is the Internet, you need to provide useful, fresh and informative content.  Content development is challenging - you are asking people and businesses to act as publishers – which more than likely they are not. Content production is also time-consuming. Therefore, the need to plan a content development strategy is a key element of any online marketing campaign.

#12.  What Makes Google Tick? Hundreds of Items Used in their Search Algorithm - a look into some of the items that Google incorporate into their algorithmic recipe.

#11.  Interlinking Strategy: Establish an Interlinking Process - many site owners do not pay enough attention to internal linking and establishing an interlinking strategy.  Here are some tips for establishing an interlinking process for your web properties.

#10.  Content Development Strategy: Guiding Users to a Better Experience - Guiding your audience to the information that they are looking for via well established content will help build that relationship that you need to establish  in order to be successful in the online arena.  From an online perspective that may mean providing user generated content to help establish trust in your product or service offering.  It may mean establishing a "how to" video to communicate how to use features of your product.  Regardless the importance of content development and content marketing is most likely more important now than it has ever been.

#9.  Homepage Optimization Best Practices - your homepage can be the most important page on your site.  So why haven't you optimized it then?   Here are some great tips for optimizing your homepage for both the user and the search engines.

#8.  Optimizing for Bing in 2010 - Part IV: Link Authority - our final installment of our four piece series on optimizing for Bing.

#7.  Learn About Google Instant with these Ten Great Resources - Google rolled out Instant in September, here is a list of ten great resources to check out in order to learn more about Google Instant.

#6.  Google MayDay Update: Definitive List of Resources - Google MayDay shook up a lot of sites,  Many are still recovering.  Here's a great list of resources on the Google MayDay update from last spring.

#5.  Mobile SEO Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Search Optimization - According to a study from Retrevo, 55% of people aged 18-24 have used a mobile phone to assist in the shopping process.  People, especially digital natives are comfortable in using their mobile phones to surf and to purchase. An eMarketer report from March 2008 suggests that spending on mobile advertising will reach about $19 billion in 2012 with the US market forecasts spending to reach $6.5 billion during this same time.  Our post on Mobile SEO tips can help you begin optimizing for mobile.

#4. What’s the Best Way to Deal with a Search Engine Algorithm Update - 2010 Edition - 2010 was the year of the search engine algorithm update.  There were a lot of changes with Yahoo, Bing and mostly with Google.  So how do you deal with an algorithm update?  In most cases, you just need to sit back and hold on.

#3. Bing SEO: 49 SEO Tips for Optimizing for Bing - the Bing ranking algorithm analyzes factors such as webpage content, the number and quality of websites that link to your pages, and the relevance of your website’s content to keywords. As the Bing webmaster team has pointed out, "... site rankings change as Bing continuously reviews the factors that make up the ranking. Although you can't directly change your website’s ranking, you can optimize its design and technical implementation to enable appropriate ranking by most search engines."

#2.  Google Algorithm Changes & Updates 2010: Part One - a look at some of Google's updates from the first half of 2010.  From Caffeine to MayDay, Google had an extremely busy year that has had a dramatic impact on organic search.  Is there more to come in 2011?  We think so.

#1.  What Happens When Link Popularity, well Becomes Less Popular? - So what then happens when link popularity becomes… well less popular?  I am speaking from a search engine algorithm perspective.  What if the engines were to drastically change their algorithm so that link popularity was not as important of a factor as it is today? Find out with this post from July of this year.

There you have it, it has been a busy year for the search engines and for Marketing Jive. We are looking for guest bloggers for 2011. If you are interested, drop us a line on Twitter by visiting @marketing_jive.

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posted by Jody @ Sunday, December 19, 2010  
  • At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Benivolent said…

    Great post.Thanks for this.You have done a nice job

  • At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Semantic Web said…

    All are really interesting posts. I have checked out some of it and would definitely go through all of them. SEO is an ongoing process and one always has to be on learning mode as Google search algorithm changes very frequently.

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