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Ten Things I Learned at Pubcon 2010
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Last week I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas and attending the annual Pubcon conference.  The strange thing for me is that I have been going to search conferences for years and this was my very first Pubcon.  I have been wanting to attend Pubcon for years and it seemed liked something always came
up.  I was fortunate enough this year that my employer Beeline Web.com was good enough to send me down for the show, and the show did not disappoint.

Some may have complained about the lineups for lunch or that the food was not the greatest, but as Brett Tabke stated, "if that is the worst complaint that we are getting then we must be doing something right.  Quite honestly I liked the tone of the conference, the quality of speakers was fantastic and I actually learned a few things along the way.  Not to mention some of the great reminders that were shared by many of the knowledgeable speakers.  In a future post, I will share some of my favorite moments of Pubcon, but for now here are ten things I learned (or was reminded about) from Pubcon 2010.

Ten Things I Learned at Pubcon

These items are in random order and are not based on specific criteria or priority.
  1. There are lots of cool tools that keep springing up.  I learned about some cool tools that I had not yet used one of which was Soovle - http://www.soovle.com/.  So what is Soovle?  Soovle is basically a search suggestion tool across various search engines and sites.  Soovle describe themselves as  a number of things including:
    • A customizable engine that provides the suggestion services from all the major providers in one place. Soovle does not crawl the net - all services and their content are the property of the respective providers.
    • A keyword research tool. Be sure to master the draggable Saved Suggestions feature.
    • A way to look spiffy when performing a web search. Be sure to hit the right-arrow a couple of times while showing it off.
  2. Google clusters results.  Well I know that ASK's Teoma technology but it never occured to me that Google does this.  According to Craig Paddock from Boost Search Marketing who illustrated that Google clusters results, if for example if you had a number one ranking in Google and a number nine ranking in Google, Google will display them as #1 and #2.  This does not work if you have results on subsequent pages (i.e. a number 14 ranking and a #1 ranking).
  3. Canonical tags do not work with relative links.  This was mentioned by a couple of different speakers on a couple of different occassions.  I actually did not kow this.  It makes total sense, but I just never really paid attention to this little tidbit about canonical tags before.
  4. Tweet Management for the purpose of retweeting your stuff - Managing your tweet to consist of 115-120 characters, leaving room for other to retweet your tweets.  Even Matt Cutts from Google suggested this tip.  I never really thought of it before, but it makes total sense.  This wasa good little tip that I simply never practiced beofre.
  5. Google is working on better penalty notifications - Speaking of Matt Cutts, we learned from his presentation that Google is working on better penalty notifications and that there are currently about 25 of them that exist.
  6.  Google Insights is a cool tool - I learned that I need to use Google Insights more often and more regularly.  http://www.google.com/insights/search/#.  Especially as a tool to look into seasonality for various terms and phrases.
  7. Search Query Fine Tuning - I learned some additional query functions that can be benficial in gathering link information.  When looking for great linking resources, use the following queries:
    • site:edu intitle:<insert keyword here>
    • site:gov intitle:<insert keyword here>
    • site:gov intitle:culinary
  8. Retro Tweets are in - I learned that it can be a good idea to tweet old articles and prior blog posts from time to time.  This makes sense.  Just think about all of the people who may have missed your initial tweet. 
  9. I learned that Universal Ranking Reports (i.e. blended results) are coming soon from Raven.  If I understood correctly this is just around the corner.  Quite honestly I did put in a request for a "blended search ranking notification" into Raven back in May.  It could be that others had the same request.  It would be nice to see if a given keyword has a universal search reslt appearing on the first page, second page, third page etc.
  10. Learning about Mobile Apps - I learned what a "Launcher App" was.  Bascally a launcher app is a mobile app that simply opens your web page.  Seems simple enough and makes sense for all sites to have one.

As mentoned, Pubcon was a fantastic show.  Top notch speakers who actually shared their knowledge.  Dare I say this is the best search conference out there?  Great job  by Brett Tabke and his team for pulling off a top notch show.  I hope to be back next year.

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