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Pubcon 2010: Session of the Day
Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Well Pubcon 2010 is in full swing as Day One kicked off with a highly entertaining keynote by David Pogue from the New York times.  From there I attended an In-House SEO session, but the session of the day, well at least the one that I enjoyed the most was the Smart Organic Keyword Research session.

This session featured some great speakers who discussed various keyword research practices from fundamentals to leveraging more advanced tools and practices.  Up first was Carolyn Shelby who talked us through a bunch of the fundamentals and emphasized the importance of brainstorming as part of your keyword compilation process.  She also provided a valuable reminder in the benefit of having an editorial calendar.

Wil Reynolds was up next and with a lot of energy went through a number of great tools that he uses as part of his keyword research process.  Wil is definitely passionate about keyword research and about tools such as
    Google Insights of which he shared a couple of great tips: use Google Insights for examining seasonality of keywords
  • be sure to use proper filtering when using Google Insights
  • leverage phrases that are rising searches in Google
Wil mentioned a number of other great tools including:
All in all some great resources for adding to your keyword research repertoire.

Craig Paddock was up next with his presentation on keyword research and selection.  He discussed some tools that he likes to use for keyword research including the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Microsoft's Ad Intelligence Tool and the YouTube key phrase tool.  Craig added some good tips and reminders including:
  • key phrase modifiers tend to have better conversation rate.  These are terms such as "discount", "cheap", "best", "online" etc.
  • the easiest way to gain rankings is improving your existing rankings
  • Google clusters results from the same website if they exist on the same page.  If you have a number one ranking in Google and a number nine ranking in Google, Google will display them as #1 and #2.  I actually did not know this, so this was interesting to myself.  He went on to add that if your site is number one in Google and number fourteen in Google, the results are not clustered.  You will need to work hard to bump that number fourteen placement into the top 10 to benefit from the clustering.
Mark Jackson was the final speaker and he discussed the keyword research process.  Mark led off by stating that keyword research forms the foundation for future SEO success.  He couldn't be more correct.  Keyword research is critical for SEO success.  Mark went through the process that he typically uses:
  1. Create the initial keyword list (leverage brainstorming as part of this step)
  2. Gather data (look at search volume and traffic potential, competitiveness, seasonality etc)
  3. Filter and Sort
  4. Review and Refresh
Mark mentioned some of the tools that are useful for conducting keyword research including Wordtracker and their keyword question tool, SEM Rush and Open Site Explorer.

Day one at Pubcon was great.  There were some great site clinics and all of the speakers on the Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts panel including Sara Evans, Lisa Buyer and Victoria Harres were tremendous.  This was actually my second favorite session of the day.

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posted by Jody @ Tuesday, November 09, 2010  
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