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Top Marketing Buzzwords for 2010
Monday, January 11, 2010
Buzzword - a phrase or word that entices people to discuss a topic in repetition.

Well it is that time of year again, time to share with the world our annual list of Top Marketing Buzzwords that you can expect to hear in the upcoming year.  Before we get to this year's list, let's take a look at some of the top buzzwords from previous years.

Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords 2009
Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords 2008
Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords 2007

 Last year's list featured a number of interesting terms indicitive of the type of year we were heading into with phrases such as "bail-out" and "value justification" making the list.  Will there be a lot of the same this year? Well as every year, expect to find some repetition, but I think that some of the buzzwords on the list 2010 may surprise you.

Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords for 2010
  1. Value Justification - top spot two years running for this term.  Expect to hear a lot of buzz about value justificaton in your office, with your department and in the media.  The economy in North America, while getting better, is still struggling and employers will be looking for even more value justification in 2010.  
  2. Real-Time - this is specific to Search as this was probably the most popular buzzword being used in late 2009 and into 2010.  Things like real-time search is high on the list of items being worked on by Google and real-time information through tools such as Twitter and Facebook continues to be a hot topic.
  3. Attribution - as marketers are asked to provide more value with less, look for marketers to take a long, hard look at attribution and attribution models to help communicate results and return more effectively.
  4. Personalization - was #6 on our list last year.  With the increase of digital natives populating online environments, look for Search Engines and traditional websites and businesses to provide more personalized offerings in 2010.
  5. Prorogue - this is currently one of the most popular buzzwords in Canada as of late, with a number of Canadians upset with Prime Minister Harper's prorogue (postponement) of Parliament to begin 2010.  Look for others to start using this term and for this term to increase in popularity in Q1 2010.  
  6. Value Proposition
  7. Success Metrics
  8. Benchmarking
  9. Lean
  10. Social Media
  11. Blended Search
  12. Reassurance
  13. Optimization
  14. Incremental
  15. Impact Analysis
  16. Economic Assurance
  17. ROI
  18. Recession Proofing
  19. Nexus One
  20. Work in Progress
  21. Relevance
  22. Short Term Solution
  23. Maturity Models
  24. Transparency
  25. Long-tail
  26. Visibility
  27. Content Optimization
  28. Usability
  29. Value Stream
  30. Twitter
  31. Best Practices
  32. ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)
  33. iPhone App
  34. Business Objectives
  35. Online Budget
  36. Value Add
  37. Alignment
  38. Loyalty
  39. Online Budget
  40. Impact Investing
  41. Restructuring
  42. Engagement Metrics
  43. Universal Search
  44. Consumer Appeal
  45. Leveraging Relationships
  46. Demand Creation
  47. Incremental Improvement
  48. Lifelong Value
  49. Consumer Retention
  50. Cutbacks
  51. Intent
  52. Low-hanging fruit
  53. Bounce Rate
  54. Accountability Management
  55. Workflow
  56. Search Maturation
  57. Simplification
  58. Viral Marketing
  59. Downtrending
  60. Emotional Ecomomy
  61. Greenlining
  62. Brandstorming
  63. Unbanked
  64. Exit Strategy
  65. Cost-conscious
  66. Deferred Success
  67. Mancession
  68. Re-engineering
  69. Mergers
  70. Paradigm Shifts
  71. BuyerSphere
  72. Reputation Management
  73. Consumer Initiated Marketing
  74. Hulu
  75. Microblogging
  76. Re-skilling
  77. Webmaster Tools
  78. Dollarization
  79. Semantic Mapping
  80. Organic Search
  81. Segmentation
  82. The Obama Effect
  83. Prime Placement
  84. Deferred Success
  85. Trended Analysis
  86. Embedding
  87. Mobile
  88. Digital Native
  89. Success Metrics Analysis
  90. PPC Cuts
  91. Chimerica
  92. Critical Timing
  93. Redeploying Assets
  94. Downsizing
  95. Online Evangelism
  96. Mobilization
  97. Depression Proofing
  98. Torso (keyword)
  99.  Share of Voice
  100.  Green Shoots
There you have it another year of marketing buzzwords that you can expect to hear around the water cooler, at restaurants, in airports or just about anywhere where the discussion surrounds business or Search marketing.


posted by Jody @ Monday, January 11, 2010  
  • At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sucecess Metrics rocking in at #7 and #89!

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