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Top 9 for 2009: Top Google Posts from Marketing Jive
Thursday, December 17, 2009
Our second installment of our top posts of 2009 features our favorite Google related posts from the past year of 2009.  Google (GOOG), like most companies, experienced it's share of highs and lows in 2009.  Speaking of shares, here is a quick peek as to how Google's shares fared in 2009.
  • On January 16, 2009, Google's share price was at a YTD low at $299.67
  • Google's share price was at it's highest YTD today, December 16, 2009 when shares closed at $597.76
  • Google's all time high share price was in December 7, 2007 as shares peaked at $714.87
So what was Google up against in 2009?  Here are a few reminders:
  • a struggling economy
  • advertisers shifting online advertising spend away from sponsored search to natural (organic) search
  • real-time search from entities such as Facebook and Twitter
  • competitive mergers with the partnership of Microsoft and Yahoo
With Marketing Jive being focused around online marketing, specifically organic search marketing, many of our posts surround SEO and how Google continues to try and produce the most relevant results within their search results.  We expect big things from Google, as they continue to innovate with their search engine.  As a result, here is a look at some of our top Google related posts from the past year.

Top Google Posts from 2009

#9.  Google's Best Practices for Product Search - in June, we posted some of Google's best practices for product search.  Product search is one of the many forms of universal (blended) search results that Google display in their main results. If you are an e-commerce site and sell products on your website you should be leveraging Google Base and Google Product Search.

#8.  Google Continues to Tweak Algorithms Specific to Link Computation - we touched on Page Rank Sculpting and some of the changes Google was making to their algorithm that was specific to link computation.  Will there come a time when Google places less value on link popularity?  Many suggest no, but we think that in order to provide the most relevant results in the future, Google may place less emphasis on link popularity especially with the ability of site owners to go out and purchase links and artificially populate their link inventories.  The site with the most links is not always the most relevant site for a given search query... link popularity can only go so far.

#7.  Google Caffeine: Universal Search Results are Influenced by Rankings - look for Google Caffeine to completely roll out in the near future (some say it has already rolled out in full).  In September, we touched on something former Googler Vanessa Fox mentioned in that Universal Search results are influenced by ranking and relevance signals.  Blended Search results will continue to become more conspicuous as users interact with them more often and become accustomed to clicking on video, news, shopping, local and other types of blended search results.

#6.  Why Blended Search is Important to Google Caffeine - at number six we have an interesting post on what blended search will be important to the Google Caffeine update that is currently underway in Google.

#5.  5 Great Features of Google Webmaster Tools - we love Google Webmaster Tools.  It is one of the greatest tools that a site owner can use to diagnose indexing and search issues for a website.  Google continues to add great features to GWT and we look at five of those features in this post from October.

#4.  Understanding Google Caffeine - just what is Google Caffeine anyway?  Is it an infrastructure update or an algorithm update?  Will it impact your rankings and visibility in Google's search index or not?  Will it provide quicker and more relevant results to the users of Google's search engine.  This post will answer some of these questions and enlighten you on just what Google Caffeine is.

#3.  Top Blended Search Queries in Google for 2009 - Universal Search aka Blended Search was big in 2009 and look for it to be even bigger in 2010.  This post looks at some of the fastest rising searches in various types of blended results including image search, news search and mobile search.

#2.  Google Displaying Breadcrumb Links in Google SERPs - we thought that this was big news as Google started rolling this feature out in November whereby they displayed breadcrumb links in their search results providing the site in question was making effective use of breadcrumb navigation.  Now instead of having one link in your SERP listing, you could now have upwards of 5 or 6 links within the same result (these are in addition to any sitelinks that your site might have as well).

#1.  Top 20 Google Blogs for Use in 2009 - we always like to list some of our favorite Google blogs that are out there.  We highlighted some of our favorite Google blogs that we liked to visit in 2009.  Previously we had posted about Google's Top 50 blogs, but we have seen some new Google blogs enter the ranks and thought that we would share them with you in an updated post.  Can you guess what our favorite Google blog is?  (For the record it is not the Official Google Blog as that blog entered the charts at #2).

There you have it our top 9 of 09 as to our favorite Google posts from Marketing Jive in 2009.


posted by Jody @ 3:18 AM  
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