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The iPhone Phenomenon
Monday, June 08, 2009
I must start out and say that June 2009 has been an amazing month for technology. Lots of Google news, Microsoft Bing news, and a new iPhone is launched. I have to admit that I jumped on the Apple bandwagon (how can you not?) when I purchase an iPhone a few months ago. This technology is so amazing to me. The world is at my fingertips. Although I work in the Search industry I would not necessary classify me as a techie. I am more of a digital immigrant.

However, Apple's innovation with their iPhone is quickly changing that. I love my iPhone and frankly I rarely use it as a phone. In the months that I have had my iPhone, it has allowed me to:
  • navigate the streets of New York
  • order pizza from a local pizza place
  • add notes about a meeting
  • create my own personalized ringtones
  • play table hockey
  • check hockey scores from the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • download the new Chickenfoot CD
  • take pictures of my family
  • set an alarm to wake me up while in Chicago
  • listen to my favorite songs via my personalized playlists
  • check movie listings
  • entertain my friend's children
  • play solitaire
  • enjoy a game of pac-man
  • monitor my caloric intake
  • check my email
  • update my Facebook status
  • text message teammates from my softball team
  • perform some math
  • bowl
  • find out the name to a song on the radio and from TV commercials
  • check out the weather forecast in Las Vegas, New York, Kelowna, Vancouver, Grande Cache, Chicago and Seattle
  • bid on items from eBay
  • research baby names
  • plan my agendas
The list goes on an on. As you can see I rarely use my iPhone as a phone. There is just so much you can do with it. As little as ten years ago I never thought that I would own a phone that allows me to do what I can do with the iPhone. This is truly a remarkable product, and as we all know remarkable products can be few a far between.

Earlier today Apple (AAPL) announced the launch of the new iPhone 3GS. The launch, although speculated, was a lot sooner than anticiapted no doubt to take some of the air out of Palm's and Google's Android technologies. The iPhone is changing the way we live. It is just that revolutionary not to mention popular. Don't believe me? Check these stats out:
  • In April, Apple hit its 1 billionth app download
  • There are over 50,000 applications available in the App Store (for the record, Palm has 18 apps)
  • 40 million iPhones and ipod touches have been sold
The reason for this? Popularity. Some of the new features that are pretty cool include:
  • The new “Find My iPhone” feature where if you lose your iPhone anywhere and have a MobileMe account, you can find exactly where your iPhone is on a map on the web. I know three or four people who could have used this in the past month.
  • the ability to ping your iPhone remotely, which puts out an alert noise to show where it is
  • the ability to send a remote wipe command, to delete everything on the phone if your iPhone is stolen
More from TechCrunch

The iPhone Phenomenon

With the launch of the iPhone 3GS, storage sizes have doubles, the battery life is longer and the downloads times are faster. The development of the iPhone is a bit of a phenomenon and truly is an extraordinary event. We all know how innovative Apple is, but they have had issues with their price points with regards to the iPhone as the folks at TechCrunch point out.

However there is more than the novelty of just owning an iPhone. It's about being able to quickly access and share information. Having an iPhone allows users to connect in a manner that previously was unheard of from anywhere, anyplace at anytime. You can bet that the conversations taking at place at WWDC 09, will continue to revolutionize and grow the development of the iPhone. Inviting developers to bring their code and concepts to iPhone labs just speaks to the innovation and phenomenon that is Apple.

I'm not a tech-geek, but the iPhone makes me want to be one. When I was younger I seemed to fear technology and the change that was born from it. Now I love it and cannot wait to see what is coming around the corner. If Apple can win me over, they can win anyone over.

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posted by Jody @ 2:58 PM  
  • At 6:20 AM, Blogger Ray said…

    Cell phones have become a part of our daily life, people feel lost without them. No cell phones have made the customers anxiously wait like the IPhone, I've even read articles about people camping outside the shop to get their first one.

    You may wonder, what makes the iPhone so exiting??? is it the touchscreen or the virtual keyboard ... maybe it's the digital music player , or the powerful internet browser. Altogether a very cool package. "This is going to be the gadget for any technology lover."

    The iPhone has quite a few competitors, but none have matched the flexibility, power, and user friendliness of the iPhone. The vision and guidance from Steven Jobs also acts as Apple’s core competency.

    Apple has been unique with its advertising, and its advertising for the iPhone has been no exception. Apple has used a combination of print and television advertisements to promote unique features of iPhone, as it was the first smartphone to enter the market.

    In addition, the advertisements are all very minimalistic, making the iPhone making it speak for itself.

    BUT, I was surprised to find that the iPhone is a lot more limited than I expected.The iPhone doesn’t support Flash, its support for JavaScript is limited, It doesn’t handle frames well (like most some tech limits huh)

    Iphone would have been never where it is today without IPhone's marketing strategy. may it be those amazing colorful adverts on television or steve jobs making a presentation (I watched them over and over again on the internet).

    So one can say that its technology, looks and an effective marketing strategy that's flown the product into higher altitude.

    marketing strategy

  • At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Search Engine Marketing said…

    Search engine optimization (SEO) must be considered a vital aspect of any Internet marketing approach.

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