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The Importance of Timely SEO Implementation
Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It is interesting to see how different culture place different importance on timliness. Ever notice how somethings can fall by the wasteside and still be ok? Yet other things if not acted upon quickly can really snowball in a hurry.... With online marketin this is really no different. Especially when it comes to SEO. One thing that always comes up with clients is the importance of timely SEO implementation of recommendations. This is something that I feel strongly about because in order to see success from your organic search campaigns, you really need to make sure that all recommendations and bet practices are implemented in a timely fashion. This is one of the things that we listed on a recent post of the top things that make search marketers scratch their head.

In order to understand the importance of timely SEO implementation, we should first define timeliness.

Timeliness - the process of making something happen within a suitable period of time.

That's it, no more no less. Being able to make something happen within a certain time period. With SEO, timeliness is critical for optimal success. Failure to act promptly can determine the strong from the also rans. In the world of Search this can mean the difference between gaining visibility and intercepting your target audience or not being found in the organic results and relying on sponsored ads (and increased expense) to try and engage your prospects. Timely implementation is a must for ultimate SEO success. It's better to act and fail than to not act at all.

Why Timely Implementation is Important for SEO

There are a number of reasons as to why timely implementation is important for organic search and SEO.

  1. SEO Results Take Time - with SEO, the search engine algorithms consist of hundreds of different factors. Leveraging best practices and cutting edge organic search strategies and tactics and making sure that your site is search engine friendly goes a long way. The thing is just because you optimize a page of content, you're not going to necessarily obtain visibility. There is an entire sequence of events that should be followed for SEO success. This includes having proper URL structure, optimized titles and meta descriptions, optimized page copy, quality link inventories and so on and so on.
  2. Timely Implementation can actually free up time - Timely implementation can end up saving you time in the long run. Time that can be used later when other pressing issues arise. That is providing that the implementation was done correctly.
  3. Without timely implementation other recommendations may get delayed - with SEO, quite often one thing leads to another and more often than not failure to implement can cause delay in further, additional recommendations from coming to fruition. As a result it will take longer for your to see results.
  4. Failure to implement in a timely manner increases risk - for those of you who have read the findings from our (Enquiro) recent comprehensive study on B2B buying that illustrates a difference in vantage points between buyers and their drive to eliminate risk, and vendors who assume a rational buying process you know that risk is dependant on a number of factors. Download Mapping the Buyersphere. Failure to implement recommendations or fundamenal SEO issues is one of the factors that increases risk.
  5. Lack of speed with your implementation can assist your competition - why would you want to do this? SEO results take time, the longer you delay or procrastinate the easier it is for your competition to distance themselves from you and gain market share. Think of a 100 metre dash. The slower you are out of the starting blocks, the more you have to catch up. Why run the 100 metres in 10 seconds when you have potential to run it in 9.5?

I just scratched the surface on this topic, but if there was one takeaway, it is the realization that timely implementation of best practices and recommendations is critical for optimal SEO success. It is no secret that SEO results take time, however if you are on top of you game and have the ability to implement in a timely manner, you will experience more success with your online marketing campaigns. Work to support your I.T. teams and online marketing teams so that implementation does not have to drag on. Make a little progress each day and remember that speed beats perfection.


posted by Jody @ Wednesday, June 03, 2009  
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