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SES New York: Advanced B2B Session
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Ok so this is more my style a bigger room and a discussion about B2B tips and trends. My only complaint is that yesterday it was Elton John, today it is Tears for Fears. Who programmed the music for SES anyways? The other issue that I am having is accessing the free conference Wi-Fi. The session, was in a larger conference room which is great and I would estimate that it was 90% full.

Scott Brinker

  • Scott focused on optimizing landing pages and the conversion
  • Started out by describing that segmentation matters because in B2B we are dealing with more complex offerings with many value propositions. Multiple people are involved in the buying process, and long sales cycles.
  • Segmentation can happen in various ways

  • Through keywords
  • Through behavioural choices on landing pages
  • IP address profiling
  • Site-wide behavorial analysis

  • Described an example of how a client targeted long-tail keywords “data duplication” with a relevant landing page. Focusing on the right keywords is important when leveraging segmentation.
  • When segmenting by keywords you need to have many landing pages
  • A segmented audience is 4X more valuable according to a report from Adweek
  • Segment via a dropdown in the form (construction example) or if people do not fill out the form, use a two step landing page. Segment on page one and take them to a simplified and slightly “revised” form (landing page)
  • The Internet is full of people who like to click… a landing page doesn’t have to be just one page…. This will help engage the user
  • Give the user segmentation choices on the landing page they land on (small-medium business or enterprise?) Overland storage à data duplication
  • Landing pages are both part of your ads and part of your site
  • Book: Honest Seduction

Kevin Lee

  • There are lots of challenges for B2B marketers including the ability to pre-select B2B clickers, there is no single decision maker, long lead time and lagged conversions, keywords are not often B2B specific (ambiguity)
  • Asked the question, how do we segment the B2B prospect?
  • Discussed a lot of PPC initiatives
  • Targeting landing pages dynamically based on IP address or reverse DNS; use Ajax layers to swap items into a template based on information that you have about the visitor
  • Mentioned that day parting is powerful in B2B
  • Pre-post click behaviour
  • Lead scoring is important in B2B as is life time customer value
  • Discussed segmentation levers (geography, time of day, day of week etc)
  • TIP: custom serving the landing page based on IP block, ISP, cookie

  • Integration of automated or manual proactive chat
  • Heavy use of retargeting campaigns for sticky visitors to address the scarcity of the B2B buyer or prospect.

Ian Harris – Search Labortory

  • PPC based presentation --> keywords --> ad --> Landing page --> conversion --> Post conversion
  • Another issue with B2B is risk; more at risk than B2C. People and money could be lost as a result
  • B2B sale is complex; you need a salesperson, you have to build and nurture the relationship depending on the stage that the person is at
  • Conversion process is longer
  • Discussed “Setup” Phase – understand the product/service, understand the competition, what are your differentiators, understand your target. Take time on the setup
  • “Understand” how to sell
  • Landing pages need to address at each stage [education (ex: an overview for the business executive – ERP example], research (how to choose an ERP, the 7 most costly mistakes), shortlist (take the tour now, instant quotation works well)
  • Post Analysis – conversions are not sales. Monitor keywords, ads, landing pages, conversion offer.
  • Use qualifying conversions
  • Don’t translate localize if doing multilingual ads

Adam Goldberg was up next and I found him to be an engaging speaker with some great information.

  • Profit is a metric that we do not pay enough attention to
  • All leads are not created equal
  • Talked about the numbers with actual numbers example - Cost per Lead --> Cost per Acquisition --> Profit (Google, Yahoo, MSN comparison)
  • Discussed phone call tracking
  • Analyze in date ranges that account for latency
  • Discussed lifetime ad value with a sales call

Q&A: With long sales cycles how are you giving Search the credit it is due? Panelist responded with: build a lead scoring model to predict a strong profitable customer. Other option is using a follow up email that includes additional links (cookie them).

Question: What are some ways to segment out “tire kickers” using keywords?

Answer: Keywords are the most difficult way to segment the user. Try segmenting via their own ad group. Give a choice for the tire kickers. Cookie tracking is important to identify the true tire kickers as opposed to the percentage that clicked and didn’t like the message. Do not make inaccurate assumptions.

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