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SEO in 2009: Understanding that SEO Does Provide Value
Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Last week we discussed the first element of change for SEI that we feel will be happening in 2009: Refocusing on Metrics that Matter. Then we started discussing that in 2009, we will be seeing more organizations understanding that SEO does indeed provide value. We wanted to continue with this topic before proceeding to the next element of change for SEO in 2009.

There are those who have been performing SEO for a number of years, early adopters if you will. There are those who were curious about SEO and have begin to develop organic search strategies as part of their online marketing strategy. Yet in late 2008, there are still those who do not see the value in SEO... but they will.

The tough economic times have a direct impact on everybody... including marketers. Budgets get cut, resources get cut and the question of "what have you done for me lately?" bubbles to the surface of many management meetings and conversations.

I think that in 2009, we can expect to see those who have never really taken the time to understand or leverage SEO, take a long hard look at the benefits of SEO as part of an online marketing strategy. Times are tough, we get that. Marketing buidgets are being cut, we understand that too. So why then wouldn't you want to have a strong organic search strategy in place?

SEO Does Indeed Provide Value

I specialize in providing organic search strategies and solutions for clients. I have worked on clients ranging from small regional sites to large Fortune 500 brands. I have seen the value of SEO time in time again. Without giving away specifics, through SEO strategy, I have seen clients experience:
  • going from minimal online revenue to revenues of $150-200K per month based on a handful of organic rankings that were featured in the top of search results for over 5 years. (A strong keyword optimization strategy was all it took)

  • I have seen clients open numerous new offices in a two year span as a result of revenue generated in part from SEO

  • I have seen clients suffer through poorly plan redesigns only to engage us after the fact and we turn around their traffic and leads within a matter of months.

  • I have seen clients lower their PPC costs as a result of organic/SEO success

  • I have seen clients generate large amounts of traffic to their web properties through video optimization and blended search optimization

  • I have seen clients experience traffic increases of 1500% within two years
The list goes on an on. The point is, these clients now understand the value of SEO and while it can be difficult to measure initially, SEO does provide a great return with minimal investment. Having the fundamentals in place and leveraging SEO strategies such as content development, building your external link inventories and just having search engine friendly web properties goes a long way in determining your online success.

People are starting to notice just how cost effective SEO can be. SEO in 2009 will see organizations who have never invested the time or resources ino SEO actually spend the time and resources to establish an organic search strategy. You see because time is a critical factor here. Results from SEO take time. There is no denying that. The longer it takes you to invest in SEO, the further your competitors will be, the futher behind you will fall.

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posted by Jody @ Wednesday, December 03, 2008  
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