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SEO in 2009 Part 5: Shifting of Budget Towards SEO
Friday, December 05, 2008
Continuing our discussion about SEO in 2009, the third of the four elements of change that we see happening with SEO in 2009, is the shifting of budget towards SEO. The reason for this is simple, the economy. SEO is bar far one of the most cost effective forms of marketing that you can use.

At the Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, Todd Friesen of Precision Technologies discussed something that I have been saying for years now, despite the fact that people click on natural/organic listings 80% of the time, 80% of search budgets are spent on cost-per-click ads, while just 11% goes to boosting natural results through SEO. People do you understand this? Organic listings are clicked on 75-80% of the time. Yet you continue to pour budget into areas where only 25% of the clicks are generated. Is this a sustainable concept?

Organic Search Marketing, the Marketing Medium Formerly Known as SEO

The difficult economic times mean that online marketers may be faced with shrinking budgets. This means that marketers will just have to decide on smarter ways to spend this money. With 70-80% of clicks going towards organic listings, I know where I'd put my budget. That's not to say that there is no benefit to PPC or sponsored advertising, it just means that there should be more balance in the amount of budget dedicated to SEO and the amount dedicated to PPC.

This is exactly what I see happening in 2009. More companies are going to allocate set amounts of their online marketing budget to SEO. A few years ago you would not have seen this happen, now SEO has proven that it is effective (when a proper strategy is in place) and business owners have taken note. Some say SEO in 2009 is dead. I disagree, SEO in 2009 has evolved. Maybe the term "SEO" is on its last legs, but organic search marketing, the marketing medium formerly known as SEO, is alive and well, and is extremely cost effective. The return can be amazing, results just take time. As we all know this is one of the reasons why organic search marketing has not been as widely accepted as it should be. Results can take time to achieve, some patience is required.

Look for online advertiser to learn more about organic search marketing in early 2009. Many have already started. In addition look for more firms finally adding a line item for SEO/Organic Search. Reports of increasing bid prices and lack of consumer purchases, SEO/Organic Search marketing becomes a no-brainer. Just remember that success does not happen over night. A good organic search strategy takes time, involves getting buy in from your design team, your IT team and from your content writers.

The thing to remember with SEO is that being above the fold in organic listings is key. At least being on the first page of results is important if you are to have the success organically speaking. The good news is there are creative ways to do this which leads us into our final segment of this series Personalization and Blended Search.

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posted by PlanetNim Caretaker @ Friday, December 05, 2008  
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