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10 Years of Google Part Five: Top 100 Google Moments Part III
Monday, September 15, 2008
Throughout the month of September we have been celebrating Google's official 10 year anniversary. In September 1998, Google became incorporated as a business entity. Continuing with our top 100 Google moments, we know enter the top 50 Google moments. For those that missed the first half of our countdown, they can be found here:

10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part I

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Top 100 Google Moments - Part III

#50. Google makes it official opens it's doors in Menlo Park , Ca. - 1998
#49. Matt Cutts Joins Google as a software engineer, later becomes Google Evangelist - January 2000
#48. Google Buys Android for Planned Mobile Assault - August 2005
#47. Google Launches Google Image Search - Summer 2001. images.google.com
#46. Google Hits 20,000 Employee Mark - Summer 2008
#45. Google Acquires Usenet Discussion Service and Significant Assets from Deja.com - December 2001
#44. Google Announces Purchase of a Radio Advertising Company dMarc - January 17, 2006
#43. Google Hires Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group to arrange an IPO - January 2004
#42. Google Forms "Partnership" with Yahoo helping Yahoo stave off a takeover from Microsoft - June 2008
#41. Google Leases Buildings at 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway in Mountainview, CA - 1999
#40. Google Android: Open Handset Alliance is Launched - November 2007
#39. Google Incoporates Customized Logos Celebrating Special Days in History
#38. Google Purchases Property for home of the GooglePlex for $319 million - June 2006
#37. Google Acquires Keyhole Inc - 2004 - Later Launches Google Earth in 2005. http://earth.google.com/
#36. Google Acquires Technology Assets of Outride Inc. - September 20, 2001
#35. Google Releases Gmail - April 2004
#34. Google Shares Hit $500 - Fall of 2006
#33. Page, Brin and Schmidt listed as the top people on PC World's Top 50 Most Important People on the Web list. Marissa Mayer VP of Search Products and User Experience is in the number nine spot on the list - March 2007
#32. Google Launches Google Alerts, an email notification service for receiving updates on a topic or issue from Internet news sites, blogs, and other web sites - 2006. http://www.google.com/alerts
#31. Google Shares Hit $700 - October 31, 2007
#30. Google Launches iGoogle - Google Personalized Homepages for users - May 2005.
#29. Google Launches Google Analytics - For Free!
#28. Google cut Goldman Sachs from the IPO, utilizing Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse Boston as the underwriters for the IPO - May 2004
#27. Google Maps Launch - 2005. http://maps.google.com/maps
#26. Google Purchases a 5% Stake in AOL - December 2005

We will conclude our top 100 Google moments of the first ten years later this week.

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posted by Jody @ Monday, September 15, 2008  
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