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Should I Buy 300 One Way Links for $397!
Thursday, September 25, 2008
I don't usually pay a lot of attention the ads that pop up in my GMail, but this one was pretty funny.

I was chatting with @steph_woods about her entry to the SEO business and how she likes Kelowna. I opened the email with her direct message in it and found this PPC ad:

(If you can't see the picture it says: 300 Permanent Links $397, Permanent one way links $1.4/link. Buy 300 one way links for $397 Now!)

Let's be clear. Buying links is a bad idea. Selling links is a bad idea. Advertising the fact that you're selling links on Google is an idea so bad I had to use a thesarus to find a word to describe it, and then I couldn't use the word because it was so bad. Perhaps Matt Cutts has a special word for special people like this, but I'm at a loss.

Entertaining, yes. Good business, no.

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posted by Chris Davies @ Thursday, September 25, 2008  
Launch of the Google G1 Phone
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
T-Mobile USA and Google unveiled the first Google Android phone earlier today. Finally, the day I have been waiting for has arrived... well not exactly. You see, news of Google's G1 Phone being released has been big news. That is if you live in the US. I happen to reside in Canada, where there has been no mention of the Google Phone being released.

We featured a post last year reviewing Google's Android platform. We've heard a number of great things about the G1. Is it more than just another advertising platform for Google? Here is what some other folks had to say about Google's venture into the mobile market:

For Google's Android phone, it's what's inside that counts
Google’s Android: Following the money on mobile search
Live coverage of the T-Mobile G-1 Google Android announcement
T-Mobile's G1 debuts as first Google Android phone
T-Mobile G1 with Google Android is Smartphone 2.0
G1 Android Phone is Interesting But Lacks Wow Factor
First Google Android phone to cost $199: WSJ

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posted by Jody @ Tuesday, September 23, 2008  
SEO Paradigm Shift: Google Prefers Dynamic URLs Over Static URLs?
Came across this post which will have large implications for our clients and all websites for that matter. According to Barry Schwartz at SE Land Google posted a blog entry telling Webmasters not to rewrite dynamic URLs to be static. This is an entire paradigm shift into what we have learned and been told by the engines.

Key Takeaways from the Google Post:

  • static URLs might have a slight advantage in terms of clickthrough rates because users can easily read the urls
  • the decision to use database-driven websites does not imply a significant disadvantage in terms of indexing and ranking
  • Providing search engines with dynamic URLs should be favored over hiding parameters to make them look static.



posted by Jody @ Tuesday, September 23, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Seven: Inside the Google Culture
If you have ever visited Google's Mountain View location, you are immediately taken back by the College-like vibe that seems to emerge from the Googleplex. Their corporate culture is legendary and is part of what makes Google so unique.

As Chris Davies from Enquiro put it while he attended the Google Dance as part of SES San Jose last month, "... Google is the happiest place on Earth. It's like the new Disneyland..." Many people would agree with this statement including the many Googlers who work at Google as evidenced in the following video clip.

There have been many people who have described the Google Culture, but until you actually see it for yourself you just cannot put into words as to how unique the Google Culture is. So why not ask the people who know best? The folks at Google:

How does your company compare to Google? Well at Enquiro, we share a number of the key elements that you'll find at Google. Where Google has the "Google 15", Enquiro has the "Enquiro-7" (the amount of weight that you put on after you start working at Enquiro due to the abundance of tasty and healthy snacks provided. Balance in life and work is important to Enquiro as it is to Google.

More About Google's Culture:

About the Googleplex

Google's world headquarters building is located in Mountain View, California, a stone's throw from the Shoreline Regional Park wetlands. While not all Google offices around the globe are equally well-stocked, these are some of the essential elements that define a Google workspace:

  • Lobby Décor - Piano, lava lamps, and live projection of current search queries from around the world.
  • Hallway Décor - Bicycles and large rubber exercise balls on the floors, press clippings from around the world posted on bulletin boards everywhere. Many Googlers standing around discussing arcane IP addressing issues and how to build a better spam filter.
  • Googler Offices - Googlers work in high density clusters remarkably reflective of our server setup, with three or four staffers sharing spaces with couches and dogs. This improves information flow and saves on heating bills.
  • Equipment - Most Googlers have high powered Linux OS workstations on their desktops. In Google's earliest days, desks were wooden doors mounted on two sawhorses. Some of these are still in use within the engineering group.
  • Recreation Facilities - Workout room with weights and rowing machine, locker rooms, washers and dryers, massage room, assorted video games, Foosball, baby grand piano, pool table, ping pong, roller hockey twice a week in the parking lot.
  • Google Café - Healthy lunches and dinners for all staff. Stations include "Charlie’s Grill," "Back to Albuquerque," "East Meets West" and "Vegheads." Outdoor seating for sunshine daydreaming.
  • Snack Rooms - Bins packed with various cereals, gummi bears, M&Ms, toffee, licorice, cashew nuts, yogurt, carrots, fresh fruit and other snacks. Dozens of different drinks including fresh juice, soda and make-your-own cappuccino.
  • Coolest stop on the tour - A three-dimensional rotating image of the world on permanent display on a large flat panel monitor in the office of the engineer who created it. What makes it special is the toggle switch that allows you to view points of light representing real time searches rising from the surface of the globe toward space, color coded by language. Toggle and you can see traffic patterns for the entire Internet. Worth a trip to the second floor.
Google is a company like no other. Congratulations Google on ten great years!


posted by Jody @ Tuesday, September 23, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Six: What Does Google Mean to You?
Monday, September 22, 2008

So Google turns 10 this month. Have you thought of the profound impact Google has had on our lives? For me personally it has changed my life immensely. Although when I first went online my search engine of preference all those years ago was ASK Jeeves (now ASK.com). The simple reason for this is that Google was not around yet.

I'm not sure of the first time I used Google. To tell you the truth I'm not sure if my first Google experience was a successful one or not. I do know that fairly early on I was intrigued by Google's results. A query in Google appeared to return more relevant results than a Yahoo or an MSN or Netscap or even my favorite at the time ASK Jeeves.

Today Google is an everyday part of my life. In fact I spend more time interacting with Google than I do with other aspects of my life. My career as a search strategist means that from 7:30 in the morning until 3, 4, or 5 in the afternoon I am using Google as a tool to help my clients communicate their brand and their solutions to the millions of Web searchers out there. In the evening when I go home for the day, I'll use Google to go online and search for more information. The Google Toolbar is a part of all of the Web Browsers that I use. I have a personalized iGoogle page that allows me to follow the things that are of interest to me. To Google is an assumed practice with me. It's become a way of life. You cannot really compare Google to anything. Is Google to my generation like TV was to previous generations? Working in the search industry means that as a marketer I tread new waters each and eveyday. Technology has changed and continues to chnage how we search for information. Google is an effective tool that allows us to search for and find information that previously was unavailable or meant searching through reams of newspapers or magazine articles or dictionaries or telephone books or encyclopedias.

What Has Google Done For Me?

  • Google has allowed me to become an author in the online world
  • Google has presented me with a challenging but rewarding career

  • Google has allowed me to learn about innovation and technologies

  • Google has shown me that much of the World's information is at my finger tips

  • Google has helped teach me about RSS and syndication of content, online video, blended search, XML, blogging, website usability, eye tracking and much more.

Google has also made me:

  • spend more time online

  • strive for a richer search experience

  • question their ranking algorithms and whether the most relevant results are being served up

  • spend less time on MSN and Yahoo
  • worry about privacy concerns and sharing of my personal information

Google has had both a positive and negative impact on my life. However I think that positive aspects that Google has brought to my life outweigh the negative. Google is a fascinating company and their innovation continues to impress me. I'm glad Google has been around for ten years. I'm excited about their next ten years. From starting with a team of 8 people in 1998 to a Global business with 20,000 employess ten years later, Google is the greatest modern day success story that we have had the privilege of experiencing.


posted by Jody @ Monday, September 22, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Five: Top 100 Google Moments Part IV
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Well we have gone through 75 of Google's top moments from the past ten years in celebration of their 10th Anniversary/Birthday this month. Yes way back in September 1998, Google started out with a handful of employees. some investment capital and a passion fort changing how the world receives information. The result has become this innovative juggernaut that is used by millions each and every day.

Google has changed all of our lives and whether you like it or not, Google will be around for a long time. Their innovation and desire to help organize the world's information continues to spawn new services, products and online experience like no other. With that let's complete our countdown of the top 100 Google Moments from the past ten years.

10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part I
10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part II
10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part III

Top 100 Google Moments 1998-2008 - Part IV

#25. Google buys YouTube for 1.65 billion in stock - November 2006.
#24. The Issue of "GoogleBombing" - 2005
#23. Google Launches Universal Search - May 2007. The launch of Google Universal Search was the first time a major search engine would be serving up blended search results on the main SERP (search results page). http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/pressrel/universalsearch_20070516.html
#22. Google Launches Own Browser Chrome - September 2, 2008. A more recent development that may have huge implications for the browser market in the future. Google Chrome had a lot of initial hype, but will it continue to be top of mind of mainstream Internet users?
#21. Google Guys Do Playboy Interview - later include it in SEC filing documentation. September 2004. http://www.google-watch.org/playboy.html
#20. A patent describing a portion of Google's Algorithm was granted. This patent of "Page Rank" process is registered with Lawrence Page being the inventor. - September 2001
#19. Google Secures $25 Million in Equity Funding - June 1999 http://www.google.com/press/pressrel/pressrelease1.html
#18. Google forms non-profit division, Google.org with a starting find of $1 billion
#17. Google's Big Daddy Update - Early 2006
#16. Google Launches AdSense - later launches AdSense blog in 2005.
#15. Google Gets added to the S&P 500 Index (replacing Burlington Resources on the list) - March 31, 2006
#14. Google Purchases DoubleClick - April 2007. The deal is estimated to be worth $3.1 billion.
#13. Federal Trade Commission Clears Google's Acquisition of DoubleClick - December 2007
#12. Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin meet in the summer of 1995
#11. Google Launches their First Targeted Keyword Ad Program - August 2000. http://www.google.com/press/pressrel/pressrelease31.html

#10. Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto is born - July 19, 2001. Reflecting the core values of the company, their infamous "Don't Be Evil" motto was originally suggested by Google employees Paul Buchheit and Amit Patel.

#9. Google makes an S-1 Form SEC filing for an IPO - April 29, 2004. According to wikipedia, "on April 29, 2004, Google made an S-1 form SEC filing for an IPO to raise as much as $2,718,281,828. This alludes to Google's corporate culture with a touch of mathematical humor as e ≈ 2.718281828. April 29 was also the 120th day of 2004, and according to section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, "a company must file financial and other information with the SEC 120 days after the close of the year in which the company reaches $10 million in assets and/or 500 shareholders, including people with stock options."

#8. Eric Schmidt becomes Google's First CEO - August 2001 - http://www.google.com/press/pressrel/ceo.html

#7. Google Launches Google Toolbar - late 2000. Google launches the innovative browser plug-in that made it possible to use Google search without visiting the Google homepage, either using the toolbar's search box or right-clicking on text within a web page, as well as enabling the highlighting of keywords in search results.

#6. Google valued at more than $52 billion making it one of the world's largest media companies based on stock value - June 2005.

#5. Google's Florida Update (algorithm update) - November 2003. Webmasters, search marketers and site owners were devastated when Google made a major algorithm shift with their Florida Update.

#4. Google Purchases Applied Semantics - Later Capitalizes on Online Ad Platform that Changes the way companies advertise online. Deal is worth an estimated $102 million and later spawns Google AdWords and Google AdSense. - April 2003

#3. Google's IPO - August 19, 2004 - The Google IPO took place on 19 August 2004. 19,605,052 shares were offered at a price of US$85 per share. According to Wikipedia data, the sale of US$1.67 billion gave Google a market capitalization of more than US$23 billion.

#2. Google Launches AdWords, Google's flagship advertising product, and main source of Google's revenue.

#1. The word "Google" becomes a verb used in the English language - 2005 - In July 2006, the verb" to Google" was officially addded to the Oxford English and the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionaries meaning to "use the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Google

There you have it, ten years of Google. What a ride it has been. Where do you think Google will be in 2018? Will there be a Google in 2018?

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posted by Jody @ Thursday, September 18, 2008  
Google Android Powered Phone Set to Drop in October
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Wow it's been quite a week. Surreal even with all of the financial news coming from Wall Street. We've been taking it all in just like everybody else, when we read a little story that put a smile on our faces. TechCrunch is reporting that the first Google Android powered phone is set to drop in October.

Google's Android has been discussed for months and it appears that a release is right around the corner. With reports that there are over 30 partners for the offering, it looks like HTC will be the first one to feature a headset with Android. Hopefully the release will be made available here in Canada as well. We had to wait until this July for the iPhone in Canada, and with the expensive data rates hopefully Android can offer a less expensive solution.

Related Stories

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posted by Jody @ Tuesday, September 16, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Five: Top 100 Google Moments Part III
Monday, September 15, 2008
Throughout the month of September we have been celebrating Google's official 10 year anniversary. In September 1998, Google became incorporated as a business entity. Continuing with our top 100 Google moments, we know enter the top 50 Google moments. For those that missed the first half of our countdown, they can be found here:

10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part I
10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part II

Top 100 Google Moments - Part III

#50. Google makes it official opens it's doors in Menlo Park , Ca. - 1998
#49. Matt Cutts Joins Google as a software engineer, later becomes Google Evangelist - January 2000
#48. Google Buys Android for Planned Mobile Assault - August 2005
#47. Google Launches Google Image Search - Summer 2001. images.google.com
#46. Google Hits 20,000 Employee Mark - Summer 2008
#45. Google Acquires Usenet Discussion Service and Significant Assets from Deja.com - December 2001
#44. Google Announces Purchase of a Radio Advertising Company dMarc - January 17, 2006
#43. Google Hires Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group to arrange an IPO - January 2004
#42. Google Forms "Partnership" with Yahoo helping Yahoo stave off a takeover from Microsoft - June 2008
#41. Google Leases Buildings at 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway in Mountainview, CA - 1999
#40. Google Android: Open Handset Alliance is Launched - November 2007
#39. Google Incoporates Customized Logos Celebrating Special Days in History
#38. Google Purchases Property for home of the GooglePlex for $319 million - June 2006
#37. Google Acquires Keyhole Inc - 2004 - Later Launches Google Earth in 2005. http://earth.google.com/
#36. Google Acquires Technology Assets of Outride Inc. - September 20, 2001
#35. Google Releases Gmail - April 2004
#34. Google Shares Hit $500 - Fall of 2006
#33. Page, Brin and Schmidt listed as the top people on PC World's Top 50 Most Important People on the Web list. Marissa Mayer VP of Search Products and User Experience is in the number nine spot on the list - March 2007
#32. Google Launches Google Alerts, an email notification service for receiving updates on a topic or issue from Internet news sites, blogs, and other web sites - 2006. http://www.google.com/alerts
#31. Google Shares Hit $700 - October 31, 2007
#30. Google Launches iGoogle - Google Personalized Homepages for users - May 2005.
#29. Google Launches Google Analytics - For Free!
#28. Google cut Goldman Sachs from the IPO, utilizing Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse Boston as the underwriters for the IPO - May 2004
#27. Google Maps Launch - 2005. http://maps.google.com/maps
#26. Google Purchases a 5% Stake in AOL - December 2005

We will conclude our top 100 Google moments of the first ten years later this week.

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posted by Jody @ Monday, September 15, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Four: Top 100 Google Moments - Part II
Friday, September 12, 2008
The other day we began our countdown of the top 100 Google moments of the past ten years. Today we continue our countdown with items 50-75.

Our top 100 list included memorable events from Google's ten years of existence and a few pre Google launch in 1998. The world is such a different place than it was ten years ago. We've seen the rise of the Internet, the rise of terrorism, record gas prices and the start of a new form of marketing known as search marketing? (OK it may have been around prior to 1998, but the term "search engine marketing" has become mainstream only in recent years.)

Top 100 Google Moments 1998-2008

#75. Google Launches Google Pack at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2006.
#74. Google Makes Time Magazine's Top Ten Cybertech of 1999 List - December 1999
#73. Google Search Index Reaches 25 Billion Documents - June 2005
#72. Google Releases the Google Web Toolkit - May 2006
#71. Google Launches Google Health to help users manage their health records online - Summer of 2008
#70. Google Acquires Pasadena based Picasa - July 2004
#69. Google Launches Google Trends - Provides some initial insight into search volume for keywords. - May 2006
#68. Salesforce.com and Google Form Strategic Global Alliance - June 2007
#67. Google (GOOG) Launches Google Finance - March 2006
#66. Google Listed as the Best Company to Work For by Fortune Magazine - January 2008
#65. Google Acquires Pyra - Later Releases Blogger Free Blogging Service - February 2003
#64. Google Acquires Genius Labs - Blogging Technology - October 2003
#63. Google Launches Google Docs; includes Google Spreadsheets - 2006
#62. Google Announces Non-Exclusive Advertising Services Agreement with Yahoo! in U.S. and Canada - June 2008
#61. Google Acquires Feedburner for $100 Million - June 2007
#60. Google Releases GOOG-411, Search for local businesses using your voice, from any phone, for free. Dial 1-800-GOOG-411. - Spring 2007
#59. Google Listed As One of Time Magazine's 25 Sites We Can't Live Without - August 2006
#58. Google Listed as the Top Brand in the World for 2007
#57. Google Begins Launching April Fool's Day Hoaxes - 2000
#56. Google Takes on Government in Feds Request for User Data - January 2006
#55. Google Updates Their Philosophy with Ten Things Google has found to be true.
#54. Google Launches Google Labs - 2002
#53. Google Bans BMW from Index - as part of the "Big Daddy" algorithm update, Google banned the BMW site for using doorway pages ans other "misleading SEO practices" - February 2006
#52. Google Launches "Official Google Blog" - 2004 saw the birth of Google's official blog: http://googleblog.blogspot.com. Google has since gone on to launch a number of interesting Google related blogs.
#51. Google Listed as the Best Company to Work For by Fortune Magazine - Jan 2007

We're half way throght our list of the top 100 Google moments of the past ten years. We'll conclude next week with the Top 50 Google Moments of the past ten years.

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posted by Jody @ Friday, September 12, 2008  
10 Years of Google Part Three: Top 100 Google Moments - Part I
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Continuing with our tribute to Google (GOOG) as they celebrate their 10th birthday. We have compiled a list of the top 100 Google Moments that have made them the unique and innovative company that they are today.

Here is the first installment of the Top 100 Google Moments.

Celebrating 10 Years of Google: Top Google Moments #75-100

#100. Google Acquires Trendalyzer to Bolster Analytics - March 2007
#99. Google Acquires Online Presentation Development Tools Zenter Inc. - June 2007
#98. Google Acquires Dodgeball a social networking site built specifically for use on mobile devices. - May 2005
#97. Google Wins M.I.T. Sloan eBusiness Award - Students' Choice - April 2002
#96. Google Cleans Up at Search Engine Watch Awards - Wins for Outstanding Search Service, Best News Search Engine, Best Image Search Engine, Most Webmaster Friendly Search Provider, Best Paid Placement Service, Best Search Toolbar and Best Search Feature - February 2004
#95. Google.org invests more than $10 million in breakthrough geothermal energy technology - August 2008
#94. Google, in conjunction with a variety of social networks develops Open Social, a set of common APIs for web based social network applications - November 2007
#93. Google Acquires Endoxon for $28 Million - The product is used to improve European mapping feature in Google Earth and Google Maps. - December 2006.
#92. Google and Fox Interactive Team Up to provide search and advertising on MySpace - 2006
#91. Google Wins at World Technology Awards for Best Marketing Communications - December 2004
#90. With eight employees, Google moves to an office on University Avenue in Palo Alto - February 1999

#89. Google Invests in Clean Energy and Green Technology - June 2007
#88. Google Acquires Russian Context Ads Service Begun - July 18, 2008. Acquired for $140 million. http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/pressrel/20080718_begun.html
#87. Google Acquires Marratech's Video Conferencing Software - April 2007
#86. Google Sells 2.6% Stake in Baidu.com that they had previously acquired in 2004 - June 2006
#85. Google Search Index Reaches 3 Billion Documents - December 2001
#83. Google Acquires Grand Central Internet Service that uses VoIP to link customers phone numbers together -July 2007
#82. Google Wins PC World's Internet Product of the Year and Best Search Engine Awards 2002 - June 2002
#81. Google Launches Google Talk a web-based application for instant messaging - August 24, 2005
#80. Google Teams Up with Sun MicroSystems to help share and distribute each others technologies. - Fall of 2005

#79. Google Launches Webmaster Tools - www.google.com/webmasters/tools
#78. Google Acquires Orion Search Algorithm / Orion Search Engine - April 2006
#77. Google Launches Google Gears Open Source software project that enables more powerful web applications by adding new features to your web browser. Later changes name to "Gears". - May 2007. http://gears.google.com/
#76. Google Acquires Postini - services for message security, archiving and encryption for an estimated $625 million. - July 2007

The top 100 Google Moments will continue later this week.

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posted by Jody @ Wednesday, September 10, 2008  
Gene Simmons Rockin' The Today Show - Acknowledges Google's Success
Monday, September 08, 2008
You know, love him or hate him, Gene Simmons is a pretty powerful guy and he knows it. In fact he'll be the first to tell you that. The man responsible for co-founding the band KISS has the Midas touch. This guy is a phenominal businessman. I have to admit I was a KISS fan when I was 5 years old. True story, I used to play KISS records over and over. Being that young I never really understood the lyrics, but they were like super-heroes to me all dressed up in makeup and costume. They really were larger than life. I've grown up with KISS and am not ashamed to admit it.

Earlier today, Gene Simmons was on NBC's today show discussing how at age 59 he still rock n rolls all night and parties everyday. According to Gene 50 is the new 20... You know what? He just might be right about that. Here's the interview, great stuff. Best quote from Gene, when asked about getting old, Gene says there is no old, "...you're either alive or you're dead..."

Business Week had a great article on Gene Simmons recently entitled "A Conversation with KISS' Gene Simmons". Here is the article in it's entirety.

A Conversation with KISS' Gene Simmons

The legendary rock star shares his business philosophy, explains why flying economy is OK, and urges aspiring entrepreneurs to become 'voracious readers'
As the fire-spitting front man for the rock band KISS, Gene Simmons has put on his kabuki make-up and donned his platform dragon boots for the past 35 years. But for Simmons, KISS is just, well, his night job. Born Chaim Witz in Haifa, Israel, Simmons came to America as an eight-year-old boy and says he has been living the American Dream ever since. Known for both his music and his business acumen, he's the force behind thousands of licensed KISS products and numerous ventures, including his discontinued magazine Gene Simmons' Tongue, Simmons Records, clothing line Moneybag, and the brand marketing firm Simmons Abramson Marketing, the outfit behind the "I Am Indy" Campaign. He's also continuing to keep his brand in the public spotlight: His reality TV show Gene Simmons Family Jewels is coming back for a fourth season on A&E, he has a new reality show called Jingles on tap, and in July he released his tome on prostitution, Ladies of the Night.

Simmons recently spoke with staff writer Stacy Perman about entrepreneurship, failure, and all things Gene Simmons. Edited excerpts of their conversation follow.

Which do you consider yourself first, a rock star or an entrepreneur?

That's an interesting question and the simple answer is a bit of both. Nobody does just one thing. But the real difference between being an entrepreneur and everyone else in the world is the ability to monetize. I am an entrepreneur in the classic mold. No matter what I do—outside of sticking my tongue out—I tend to make money, and quite a bit in non-KISS stuff.

How did you understand so early that you could leverage KISS into other business ventures?

When the band was starting off, we noticed that T-shirts and non-music items were earning a substantial amount of money. KISS quickly became a multi-headed beast: rock band and rock 'n' roll brand—and the only one to have endured the ages and decades of fads and fashions. Today we have 3,000 licensed products, everything from condoms to caskets. We have you coming and going.

Where would you say got your business education?

The United States of America. The best school is the street, and most successful entrepreneurs did not go to Wharton. Both Google (GOOG) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) were created in a garage. The difference between those that become a Buffett success—and I don't mean Jimmy—have an innate inborn connection. Their snouts are close to the ground. If you look at the CEOs of some the most successful companies in the world like IKEA, they never fly first class. They always goes economy. Sam Walton of Wal-Mart (WMT) had a second-hand car and lived in the middle of nowhere.

So are you saying you don't fly first class?

I fly economy. I do often fly first class, but I don't travel with a posse, or bodyguard, or an assistant. I use other people's infrastructure. For instance, I am going to address the AARP convention in Washington, D.C. I will fly first class to New York on AARP's dime, get into a town car, stay not in a grand suite, but a nice hotel room. I don't pretend to be poor, but somewhere in the middle is O.K.

How do you identify a business opportunity?
I trust my gut. I have to have an emotional connection to what I am ultimately selling because it is emotion, whether you are selling religion, politics, even a breath mint. If you study Warren Buffett, he only invests in what he knows—and he knows what he doesn't know. Never throw money at what you don't know. Maybe I'm conservative that way.

Does anything from the experience of being in KISS translate into being an entrepreneur?

Besides the fact that fame is fleeting-except for me-it's also a door opener. Never underestimate the power of being popular in pop culture. You have to be able to do something. You can have a good seat at the restaurant but you still have to pay for the meal. Fame is important, but to be rich is more important.

Most rockers seem content to just make music. What drives you?

Rockers are idiots, come on. If strapping a guitar around their neck hadn't worked out, thanks to the grace of god, they'd be putting on an apron and asking the person next to them if they'd like fries with that.

One of the things that distinguishes most entrepreneurs is their ability to fail and pick themselves up and try again—has that been your experience?

I fail all of the time. It means nothing.

What would you say has been your biggest failure?
I haven't had too many big ones but for the past two years, I've been dancing with Gary Bettman [the NHL commissioner], trying to figure out some way to [get him to] hire Simmons Abramson. It hasn't happened yet.

That's a failure, your inability to seal a deal with Bettman?

I'm used to being in a meeting and grabbing it. Failure is relative to everyone. In the 1929 stock market crash, people jumped out of buildings although they were healthy and could do it again. In the real world, there is no failure because you are alive. My mother survived the Nazis and she taught me an ideal: If you are alive you've won, no matter what.

Who in business do you admire?

The Warren Buffets and the Bill Gateses of the world—they are not interested in putting on big shows, they are real, hard-core capitalists. It's a very romantic ideal. I am an avowed self-made capitalist. I earned every penny I made and I'm proud of it and I'm hungrier than ever.

With your level of success, you're still hungry for more?

There is no such thing as enough. Only small minds put barricades in front of themselves. If you perceive death, it is only a matter of time until you are dead. The guys with the most amount of money don't get caught up in the trappings—it's the lottery winners that buy all the stuff. Money, ironically enough, is beside the point. It's the hunt, not the kill.

At times you've been called more of a marketer than a business, what do you say?

Gee, I don't know what the difference is.

At one point in your varied career you managed Liza Minelli. She doesn't seem to automatically come to mind when one thinks of KISS and Gene Simmons.

All business models are the same: It's coming up with the price of goods and marketing and trying to make a profit. Capitalism is the same unless you are a charity, and even there you are figuring out how to pay yourself first.

What would you consider to be your best business advice?

Be a voracious reader. When I first came to America, I was blown away and blessed the day the founding fathers gave us free libraries. It was the first time since the Gutenberg Bible that all information became available to all levels of society. Everyone has the same access to information, which is access to power.

Conventional wisdom holds that small business is the engine of the American economy—what do you think?

No, it's not. It's big business. Wal-Mart is the largest employer. If Wal-Mart goes out of business, how many millions will be out of work? It is the biggest businesses that run the economy. That is why I say, be nice to rich people. I don't remember the last time a poor person gave you a job.

Gene Simmons gets it right. I will meet him one day. I always wanted to meet him as a fan of KISS, now I want to meet him as a fan of his business savvy.


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TechCrunch Questions When Google Celebrates 10th Birthday
Sunday, September 07, 2008
As we mentioned last week, we will be having special posts throughout the month celebrating Google's 10th birthday. Our second post was a look at the top 30 Google logos of the past ten years.

Speaking of Google's 10 birthday, as TechCrunch pointed out, Jessica Guynn over at the LA Times has a great post entitled Marissa Mayer talks about Google at 10 -- and 20. TechCrunch (and others) has questioned when Google's real tenth birthday is/was with this post. In fact there seems to be a fair bit of confusion as to when Google's Tenth Birthday actually is. I actually received a message at home from a gentleman from Standford University who was trying to figure out exactly where Google started out and when. He had read a blog post of mine and wanted some clarification re: Google opening up shop in Menlo Park, California in September of 1998.

While we ourselves are not sure of Google's exact startup or incoporation date, we thought it would be fun to celebrate 10 years of Google this entire month. Later this week, we begin our countdown of the Top 100 Google Moments/Stories of their first 10 years.


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Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song: "Hockey Days"
Friday, September 05, 2008
As you may or may not know, CBC has been conducting a contest to try and find the new theme song for hockey night in Canada. They have received nearly 16, 000 submissions, including submissions from some great Canadian song writers such as Randy Bachman from BTO and the Guess Who. http://anthemchallenge.cbc.ca

I actually wrote a song entitled "Hockey Days" and submitted it to the contest, which can be found below:

While I'm not a professional recording artist (as you can tell by the submitted recording) I an a huge hockey fan and have played, refereed, watched and continue to play hockey to this day. Hockey is a part of me, like so many other Canadians out there.

The background behind "Hockey Days" is this. First I thought about HNIC. The song needs to be catchy and it should be a rock song. Hockey is a fast sport and the theme should reflect that. Hence the riff that I created.... simple and fast.

For those that have grown up in Canada and played or been apart of the game, I'm sure you can relate. To waking up at six, grabbing your hockey gear and driving to the cold arena to practice. The first time you join a hockey team, you dream about scoring a key goal, or making a key defensive play or making a key save to help your team win greatest trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup. Hockey Days represents hockey moms and hockey days sacrificing their time and money so that their children can play the game and make it to the NHL. Hockey Days represents the players in junior who were told that they weren't big enough or couldn't skate fast enough to play the game. Hockey Days represents going through the ranks and playing Junior until draft day and getting selected in the NHL Entry draft, signing a pro contract, entering the dressing room for the first time.

Hockey Days represents the coaches, the referees, the fans, the owners, the players, the players' families and all of the people who get excited about playing hockey. Hockey Days represent the rookies on the team who deep down are scared of playing that first shift. The song represents the role players who are not always part of the limelight, the Black Aces who ride the bench and are up in the press box more nights than not. Hockey Days represents the grizzled old veteran who plays in the NHL in 20 years only going to the Stanley Cup Finals once in their career and fails to win the prize.

Forget about signing the big professional contract, "Hockey Days" is about the dream of playing the great game of hockey and being able to taste a sip of champagne out of the Stanley Cup.
(Image courtesy of: www.jamd.com/image/g/51160836)

Hockey Days - Jody Nimetz

Verse I:
Up at six, we grab our hockey sticks,
we're on our way to the rink.
(We) Dream about scoring a great big goal
so we can take a sip from the drink.

Verse II:
Lace up our skates and
we tape up our blades
We're gonna have some fun.
Score some goals and
make some saves
Next thing you know we've won

Up at six,
We grab our hockey sticks,
We're on our way to the rink
Thinkin' about scoring that great big goal
so we can take a sip from the drink.

Verse III:
The game is over
We've tried our best...
Nothing left to give
Win as a team and we lose a team,
This is how we live

Chorus (Repeat and Fade):
Up at six
We grab our hockey sticks
We're on our way to the rink
Dream about scoring an overtime goal
that gives us a sip from the drink.... that gives us a sip from the drink.... that gives us a sip from the drink.


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10 Years of Google Part Two - Top 30 Google Logos
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Continuing our tribute to Google, leading up to their 10 year anniversary here in September, we thought that we would compile our favorite Google logos that have appeared on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) over the past ten years. Not only is Google innovative, but creative as well.

Top 30 Google Logos 1998 - 2008

#30. Google Beta - yup the one that started it all.

#29. 125th Birthday of Walter Gropius - one of the pioneering masters of modern day architecture.

#28. Google's First Holiday Season - this one is from 1999 according to the Google archive.

#27. Google Celebrates its Fifth Birthday 2003 - Five Years ago, Google was half its age and was still and infant in Search that would quickly go through adolescence and become the mature, innovative "adult of Search" that it is today.

#26. Nasa's 50th Birthday - Google celebrates Nasa's 50th birthday in style.

#25. 50th Anniversary of Understanding DNA - Google is known to display logos coinciding with historic events or birthdays. On April 25th, 2003, Google displayed this logo in celebrating the 50th anniversary of mankind understanding Deoxyribonucleic acid better known as DNA.

#24. St. Patrick's Day 2008 - Google has been known to have some great logos for the many holidays celebrated around the world. This one is from earlier this year as Google celebrated St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. #23. Alexander Graham Bell Birthday Logo - another one from earlier this year was, when on March 3rd, Google celebrated famed Canadian (although born in Scotland) Alexander Graham Bell, the man who invented the telephone.

#22. Dragon Boat Festival - annother favorite of ours is the Google logo for the Dragon Boat festival from June 15 2002.

#21. St. Patrick's Day 2007 - we must have something for St. Patrick's Day because this is the second logo on our list for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. Maybe it has something to do with the green font on the white background.

#20. Fouth of July 2008 - Rounding out the bottom third of our list is Google's logo for Independance Day for our friends in the US. Great logo. #19. Google Celebrates Einstein's Birthday - on March 14th, 2003, Google paid tribute to one of the greatest men in history as they celebrated Albert Einstein's birthday.

#18. 5oth Anniversay of Lego - on January 28th of this year Google celebrated the 50th anniversry of one of the coolest inventions ever... Lego.

#17. Anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest - On May 29, 2008 Google displayed this very cool logo representing the anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. Very cool. #16. Halloween 2001 - Google's had some pretty fun Halloween logos, but this one is plain and simple which is why we like it the most of the sppoky Halloween logos that Google has displayed over the years.

#15. Leap Year 2004 - as we reach the mid-way point of our list, we have a logo featuring what else? Yes a couple of frogs celebrating February 29, 2004.

#14. Opening of 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - last month, Google displayed this fantastic logo signifying the start of the 26th Summer Olympiad, touted as the most expensive in the history of the Olympics.
#13. Veteran's Day 2007 - honoring those who have worked so hard to give us the freedom that we enjoy today. Thank you to all of the men and women in both the US and Canada who have served to protect our great land.

#12. Ray Charles Birthday - on September 23, 2004 Google displayed this logo in honor of the late Ray Charles.

#11. Father's Day 2006 - Google has had many great Mother's Day and Father's Day logos. We selected this one as our favorite. #10. Independance Day 2007 - Entering the top 10 we have this powerful logo celebrating July 4th in the US.

#9. Mozart's 250th Birthday - on January 2006, Google paid tribute to the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart celebrating his 250th birthday. you know that you are great when people are still celebrating your 250th birthday.

#8. da Vinci's Birthday 2005 - on April 15th, 2005, Google paid tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci with this creative logo.

#7. Google Loves Canada - love this logo clebrating Canada Day on July 1, 2001. Canada loves Google too eh!
#6. Google Earth Day 2008 - on April 22, 2008, Google was spreading the news about the green initiative with this inspiring Earth Day logo.

#5. Picasso's Birthday - on October 25th, Google celebrated Pablo Picasso's birthday with this intersting logo.

#4. Michelangelo's Birthday - Keeping with the artists theme, Google displayed this logo on March 6th, 2003 in honor of Michelangelo's birthday.

#3. National Teachers Day 2005 - where would we be without out teachers? On May 3, 2005, Google paid tribute to all of the teachers out there with this classsic logo.

#2. Martin Luther King times two - This man is important that we actually had a tie with two of Google's logos for Martin Luther King Day. From 2006 and 2008, Google paid tribute to the man who was an inspiration to many.
#1. Edvard Munch Birthday 2006 - this is simply our favorite Google logo. There is something about it that just seems to be mesmerizing. This logo was featured on December 12, 2006. Featuring "The Scream", this composition was created by Edvard Munch and is said by some to symbolize the human species overwhelmed by an attack of existential angst.

Well there you have it our favorite Google logos from the past ten years. We look forward to seeing many more of these Google logos. In fact we have some ideas for some additional Google logos:

  • Logos paying tribute to the Beatles
  • Logo paying tribute to the original members of the band Kiss (the four original members released solo albums on the same day in September 1978... thirty years ago this month.)
  • a logo paying tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Montreal Canadians who will be celebrating this milestone this year

  • Heck I'd like to see Google celebrate my birthday on June 21st.... lol well ok but we're still excited to see some of their future logos.

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Google Chrome: All the News the Day After
Well yesterday, Google officially launched their own browser. Google Chrome was born. According to Google, Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

The Birth of a Browser - www.google.com/chrome

So here's a quick lowdown on Google Chrome.

Who: Google
What: Launches it's own web browser for viewing/browsing web properties. This new open source browser is intended to create a better web experience for users around the world.
Where: The Internet. Available in beta in more than 40 languages in over 100 countries.
When: September 2, 2008
Why: To compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Version 8, FireFox and other browsers.
How: Google Chrome can be downloaded at www.google.com/chrome

The Story Behind Google Chrome

Behind the Open Source Browser Project - http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/

Here is what others are saying about Google Chrome:
From Google: Google Chrome: A New Take on the Browser
Official Google Chrome Media Center - http://sites.google.com/site/chromepress/

Google Chrome now live
Is there anything original in Google Chrome?
Google takes on Microsoft with its web browser
Google unveils browser, acknowledges debt to Apple
Google launches new Web browser
Two Years After Denying its Existence, Google Launching “Chrome” Web Browser
Google Chrome, Web Browser of Tomorrow

Have you tired the Google Chrome browser yet? We have and some of the features that we think are pretty cool include:

Dynamic Tabs - You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows, gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange your tabs however you wish -- quickly and easily.

Incognito Mode - A privacy mode, called "Incognito"

OneBox for Everything - Web search. Web history. Address bar. Suggestions as you type. One unified box serves all of our browsing needs.

Safe Browsing - an automatically updated phishing and malware blacklist using the Google Safe Browsing API.

Google Chrome represents the latest innovation from Google as they move into year eleven. Look for Google 10 Year Anniversary posts throughout this month from SEO-Space.

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10 Years of Google - Part One
Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Ten Years of GoogleSeptember 2008 marks the 10th Anniversary of Google. Yes it's been ten years. As stated by Google itself on their company history page, "In September 1998, Google Inc. opened its door in Menlo Park, California." We've all heard the story about how Google got its name... Google is a play on the word googol, which refers to the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. We've all heard rumors of some of Google's early investors including reports that included Shaquille O'Neille and Michael Jordan. Google has grown to become so popular that instead of the noun that it is, it has become a verb in everyday language. Some Google "Britney Spears", while other Google "car parts" or "auto insurance" or "price management".

During the month of September, we will be paying homage to arguably the world's greatest search engine with a number of posts dedicated to ten years of Google-mania. We'll feature some of our favorite Google-related posts and will be counting down the top 100 Google moments from the past ten years.

Of course there are those "Google Historians" who will argue that Google (GOOG) was created before 1998. While that is, in part true, Google officially launched in September 1998.

Do a search for "Google" in Google and you'll be returned with over 3 billion, yes 3 billion results. Some of which include results for Google services such as:
  • Google Maps maps.google.com/
  • Google - www.google.com/
  • Google News - news.google.com/
  • Google UK - www.google.co.uk/
  • Google Canada - www.google.ca/
  • Google Video - video.google.com/
  • Google.org - www.google.org/
  • Google Groups - groups.google.com/
  • Google AdWords - adwords.google.com/
  • Google Earth - earth.google.com/
  • Google Toolbar - toolbar.google.com
  • Official Google Blog - googleblog.blogspot.com/
  • iGoogle - www.google.com/ig
  • Google Image Search - images.google.com/
  • Google Code - code.google.com
  • Google Translate - translate.google.com
  • Gmail: Email from Google - mail.google.com/
  • Google Labs - labs.google.com
  • Google Book Search - books.google.com
  • Google Scholar - scholar.google.com
  • Google Webmaster Central - www.google.com/webmasters/
  • Webmaster Tools - www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
  • Google Analytics - www.google.com/analytics/

Of course we could go on an on, but you get the point. Whether you like Google or you hate Google, can you imagine how different your world would be without Google? How would you find information about that digital camera that you want to buy? How would you find that receipe for key lime pie that you want to try? How would you find the nearest coffee shop? How would you find the distance from Las Vegas to Kelowna, BC, Canada? You would definitely be using search... most likely Yahoo or ASK. Or perhaps you would be using Super Pages or Business.com, but without Google's innovation in search, the results that you would be seeing would not necessarily be the results that you would hope to see. Google is the leader in search for a variety of reasons, but it's the innovation of the company that keeps them number one in search.

Last year we wrote a piece on Google's Top 50 blogs. Looking at the list you see a long, diversified list of blogs that would not exist if it wasn't for Google. Google's innovation is unmatched by any company in the past ten years. In their efforts to organize the world's information, Google's motto to "Do no Evil" has resulted in access to information that previously would have taken much longer to locate and peruse.

Here is a look at some of our favorite posts on Google here at SEO Space:

Google, Google and more Google
How Google Makes Money in 2007
Google: The Number One Brand in the World in 2007
Ooh Look at Me, I'm Google and I Just Bought DoubleClick for 3.1 Billion
Top 100 All-Time Coolest Search Engine Features
Google: The World's Leader in Search
Google to Invest in Renewable Energy Push
What If There Was No Google?

Google, from "Backrub" to billion dollar Internet phenom. Google refuses to rest and will not settle for the best. This is their philospohy and it is reflected in ten things that they built the company on:
  1. Focus on the user and all else will follow
  2. It's best to do one thing really, really well
  3. Fast is better than slow
  4. Democracy on the web works
  5. You don't need to be at your desk to need an answer
  6. You can make money without doing evil
  7. There's always more information out there
  8. The need for information crosses all borders
  9. You can be serious without a suit
  10. Great just isn't good enough

'Nuff said Google, 'nuff said.

Stayed tuned for part two in our tenth anniversary tribute to Google.

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