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Interview with Enquisite President Richard Zwicky and VP of Marketing Dan Robbins from SES SJ
Thursday, August 28, 2008
As mentioned we had the pleasure of attending SES San Jose last week and we were fortunate enough to talk to a number of great folks from the industry including Enquisite President, Richard Zwicky and Enquisite's VP of Marketing Dan Robbins.

Jody (SEO-Space): Hi Guys. Congratulations on a successful SES Awards the first annual SES Awards. (Enquisite won the category for Technology Platform Search Marketers Can't Live Without.) Any thoughts on that? That's pretty cool...

Yeah it's nice to win at the first SES awards and to win in the category we won in...

Dan: I think that you're being modest. I think that it really validates all of the hard work that we've been doing. Working on a solution that really focuses on search and not trying to be the end all be all for every type of solution for all issues that search marketers face.

Jody: Now you guys attend a lot of these shows. Richard you speak at a lot of these shows, what makes SES San Jose so special? What's unique about this show? What do you like about this particular show? I know that the engines are here and we're in their backyard, but what do you look for out of this show?

Richard: Each of the shows have their own flavor. The New York shows tend to have a lot of the New York agencies in attendance. This one tends to have more SEOs from around the country and around the world. It's here in the base of the Silicon Valley, it's close to the engines.

Jody: You mentioned the shows in the East, do you find that the same people are attending those shows that attend SES San Jose?

Richard: SES NY, I find a lot more people from the agencies and a lot more of the New York based large corporations. Here you get a lot more of the practitioners. You used to get a lot of the large organizations sending people to this show, but it's not as obvious when they're in attendance.

Dan: New York also attracts a lot of the European people because it's a shorter distance for them to attend.

Jody: You've recently launched an updated version of your search analytics platform. Can you talk a little more about that?

Richard: Yeah on Friday. We've actually done a lot of updates in he last month and a half. From how we collect data to what we can add in the reporting and probably the biggest update was how we can now segment out the actions and conversions within the reporting. So it's not just about how did I acquire the customer, but which customer that I acquired actually resulted in an action, which is a non-monetary interaction on the website or a conversion that signifies revenue.

It's important to know the overlap between the action and the conversion because if we're tracking that type of information we can make better educated decisions about what tactic to take with your search marketing program. Of course with our existing layers of segmentation where you can look at your visitors based on where they are located, down to the ZIP code level. Then tie that information back to which phrases were actually driving the conversions, what segments are driving traffic as a whole which search engines did that work with.

You can break it down to page level where now you can scientifically optimize pages for types of visitors and types of traffic helping them convert better. Now you can set up a segment in 30 seconds and you can go back and look at the segment to see how it has changed over time. This is incredibly powerful because marketers can often get lost in data but the reality is we all want to take action and if the information that is presented is not action oriented, we're going to get lost in the data. The faster you can take action, the more you can earn for you and your customer. We're looking to simplify that process.

Dan: The solution is built only to focus on things that you can do to optimize for search rather than looking at all of this other data that can really mire you down and prevent you from effectively optimizing for search. Not only to be getting the data, but getting it quickly.
Jody: For those that are not familiar with search analytics per se, what are the differences between search analytics and web analytics?

Richard: Web analytics is inwards looking at what users do once they arrive on a website. Search analytics, address the questions why did the searcher come to my website, what do I need to do to attract more customers and get them to convert. It's all about what matters to you and that is conversions. What we've built is a tool that allows you to address what matters to you. Our application gives you the answers to go further. Search analytics because it is not inward focused is all about what matters.

Dan: With search analytics you can get a very clear picture of intent.

Jody: Yes user intent... that's huge, that is something that we know a lot about at Enquiro with a lot of our research focusing on trying to understand user intent as it pertains to search.

Jody: In terms of your solution offering are there any applications that can be applied specifically to the business-to-business (B2B) space? We know that in B2B there are longer sales cycles and such are there any features that can assist the B2B marketer?

Richard: There are a lot of features built into the application that are really applicable to the B2B space. In the B2B community we seen marketers take it to the extreme when they know that they have a finite number of customers such as government agencies. They know that government agencies are located in certain towns and municipalities. With our application, you can segment out different municipalities and people within those municipalities and then look at who's coming from that municipality or community and when they arrive on your site you can understand what questions they are looking for information about and approach that customer and turn them into a warm lead from a cold lead because as you start that conversation with them you know what they are interested in. This can be done as opposed to taking the steps to discover what they are interested by using the analytics and data to see what they are interested sooner in the process.

Dan: With our conversion and action tracking you can also see that they came in and filled out a form or news letter subscription, then later they converted into an actual sale. You're able to determine the conversion as to which lead or visitor session actually gets attributed to the ROI. This information can them be dispersed across many entry points and determine which eyeball or click actually gets/makes the conversion.

Jody: this is fantastic stuff! Thanks guys, you guys have a booth here at SES San Jose which we'll be checking out a bit later. (For attendees of SES SJ you know that they were giving away those cool little foam long-tail dogs.)

Great interview with the guys from Enquisite. Thanks to Jean Sexton for arranging the meeting.

About Enquisite - http://www.enquisite.com/

Enquisite, Inc. is a developer and provider of the next generation of search analytics solutions. Founded in 2006, Enquisite offers search marketers unparalleled insights into search page rankings and visitor behavior from both organic and pay-per-click search listings. Enquisite Pro is a search engine referral analysis suite that provides in-depth information about website visitors referred by search engines. Used by search engine optimization and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing specialists, Enquisite Pro delivers a wide array of search referral data with metrics ranging from a "big picture" overview to extremely granular information about local search markets. The company has offices in San Francisco, CA, and Victoria, British Columbia.

Editors Note: I wanted to podcast the interview, however the quality of the interview did not really do it justice. I may include some sound-bytes at a later date.


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