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CFL: 95th Annual Grey Cup: Roughriders vs. Blue Bombers
Friday, November 23, 2007
As our friends to the south celebrate ThanksGiving and watch football, fans in Canada are getting ready for the football event of the year, the 2007 Grey Cup. The Canadian Football League's version of the SuperBowl is set to take place this Sunday in Toronto. The 95th Annual Grey Cup will be presented to either the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This is very exciting for me as I am a long-time Rider fan. When I was looking for information about this year's Grey Cup, I went to my favorite search engine ASK and found some of the latest news about this year's event.

The game is sold out and unlike many of the SuperBowl's that take place should be an exciting game. Lenny Kravitz is the half-time entertainment which should be great. Unfortunately for Winnipeg fans their starting quarterback broke his arm and is out for the Championship game. It was funny watching a Thanksgiving repeat of David Letterman yesterday where he has Canadian Eugene Levy on as a guest. Levy was hilarious as they were making fun of the Canadian Football League because it only had eight teams and two of them (at the time of this taping) were named "Roughriders (as were both Saskatchewan's and Ottawa's teams at the time). Well make fun of the CFL all you want, the product on the field (with the exception of the officiating at times) is a very entertaining product. More so than the SuperBowl.

Here's a look at past Grey Cup Champions:

Year Winner Loser Score
1909 University of Toronto Toronto Parkdale 26-6
1910 University of Toronto Hamilton Tigers 16-7
1911 University of Toronto Toronto Argonauts 14-7
1912 Hamilton Alerts Toronto Argonauts 11-4
1913 Hamilton Tigers Toronto Parkdale 44-2
1914 Toronto Argonauts University of Toronto 14-2
1915 Hamilton Tigers Toronto Rowing 13-7
1916 No game held (World War I)

1917 No game held (World War I)

1918 No game held (World War I)

1919 No game held (World War I)

1920 University of Toronto Toronto Argonauts 16-3
1921 Toronto Argonauts Edmonton Eskimos 23-0
1922 Queen's University Edmonton Elks 13-1
1923 Queen's University Regina Roughriders 54-0
1924 Queen's University Toronto Balmy Beach 11-3
1925 Ottawa Senators Winnipeg Tigers 24-1
1926 Ottawa Senators University of Toronto 10-7
1927 Toronto Balmy Beach Hamilton Tigers 9-6
1928 Hamilton Tigers Regina Roughriders 30-0
1929 Hamilton Tigers Regina Roughriders 14-3
1930 Toronto Balmy Beach Regina Roughriders 11-6
1931 Montréal AAA Regina Roughriders 22-0
1932 Hamilton Tigers Regina Roughriders 25-6
1933 Toronto Argonauts Sarnia Imperials 4-3
1934 Sarnia Imperials Regina Roughriders 20-12
1935 Winnipeg Winnipegs Hamilton Tigers 18-12
1936 Sarnia Imperials Ottawa Rough Riders 26-20
1937 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 4-3
1938 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 30-7
1939 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ottawa Rough Riders 8-7
1940* Ottawa Rough Riders Toronto Balmy Beach 8-2
1940* Ottawa Rough Riders Toronto Balmy Beach 12-5
1941 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ottawa Rough Riders 18-16
1942 Toronto RCAF Winnipeg RCAF 8-5
1943 Hamilton Wildcats Winnipeg RCAF 23-14
1944 Sainte-Hyacinthe and Donnacona Navy Hamilton Wildcats 7-6
1945 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 35-0
1946 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 28-6
1947 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10-9
1948 Calgary Stampeders Ottawa Rough Riders 12-7
1949 Montréal Alouettes Calgary Stampeders 28-15
1950 Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13-0
1951 Ottawa Rough Riders Saskatchewan Roughriders 21-14
1952 Toronto Argonauts Edmonton Eskimos 21-11
1953 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Winnipeg Blue Bombers 12-6
1954 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 26-25
1955 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 34-19
1956 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 50-27
1957 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Winnipeg Blue Bombers 32-7
1958 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 35-28
1959 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21-7
1960 Ottawa Rough Riders Edmonton Eskimos 16-6
1961 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21-14
1962 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 28-27
1963 Hamilton Tiger-Cats British Columbia Lions 21-10
1964 British Columbia Lions Hamilton Tiger-Cats 34-24
1965 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Winnipeg Blue Bombers 22-16
1966 Saskatchewan Roughriders Ottawa Rough Riders 29-14
1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders 24-1
1968 Ottawa Rough Riders Calgary Stampeders 24-21
1969 Ottawa Rough Riders Saskatchewan Roughriders 29-11
1970 Montréal Alouettes Calgary Stampeders 23-10
1971 Calgary Stampeders Toronto Argonauts 14-11
1972 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saskatchewan Roughriders 13-10
1973 Ottawa Rough Riders Edmonton Eskimos 22-18
1974 Montréal Alouettes Edmonton Eskimos 20-7
1975 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 9-8
1976 Ottawa Rough Riders Saskatchewan Roughriders 23-20
1977 Montréal Alouettes Edmonton Eskimos 41-6
1978 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 20-13
1979 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 17-9
1980 Edmonton Eskimos Hamilton Tiger-Cats 48-10
1981 Edmonton Eskimos Ottawa Rough Riders 26-23
1982 Edmonton Eskimos Toronto Argonauts 32-16
1983 Toronto Argonauts British Columbia Lions 18-17
1984 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats 47-17
1985 British Columbia Lions Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37-24
1986 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Edmonton Eskimos 39-15
1987 Edmonton Eskimos Toronto Argonauts 38-36
1988 Winnipeg Blue Bombers British Columbia Lions 22-21
1989 Saskatchewan Roughriders Hamilton Tiger-Cats 43-40
1990 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Edmonton Eskimos 50-11
1991 Toronto Argonauts Calgary Stampeders 36-21
1992 Calgary Stampeders Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-10
1993 Edmonton Eskimos Winnipeg Blue Bombers 33-23
1994 British Columbia Lions Baltimore CFLers 26-23
1995 Baltimore Stallions Calgary Stampeders 37-20
1996 Toronto Argonauts Edmonton Eskimos 43-37
1997 Toronto Argonauts Saskatchewan Roughriders 47-23
1998 Calgary Stampeders Hamilton Tiger-Cats 26-24
1999 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Calgary Stampeders 32-21
2000 British Columbia Lions Montréal Alouettes 28-26
2001 Calgary Stampeders Winnipeg Blue Bombers 27-19
2002 Montréal Alouettes Edmonton Eskimos 25-16
2003 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 34-22
2004 Toronto Argonauts British Columbia Lions 27-19
2005 Edmonton Eskimos Montréal Alouettes 38-35
2006 British Columbia Lions Montréal Alouettes 25-14

Saskatchewan has only won the Grey Cup twice so it is pretty exciting that they are 11 point favorites to win this year. The great thing is that in the CFL you can never count anybody out. Good luck to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I will leave you with this little poem entitled "Twas the Night Before Grey Cup" (Thanks Krista...)

Twas the night before Grey Cup, and all through the Dome,

Not a creature was stirring, but the gophers back home.

The players were nestled and snug in their beds,

While visions of Grey Cup Rings danced in their heads.

When out on the field, there arose such a clatter,

Kent sprang from his bed to see what was the matter,

Away to his window, he flew like a flash,

Threw aside the Green Curtains, and Silky White Sash.

And what did he see with his wondering eye?

But a sea of Green Revelers and a furry brown guy.

“That looks like Dominguez, and Flick and Fantuz!”

“Its way after curfew! Do they want us to lose??”

So, out of his room and down to the field,

Coach Austin stormed out with a fury to wield.

As he went through the tunnel, the ground shook with a beat,

From the dancing and prancing of ten thousand feet.

“Hey Coach,” cried a voice, “Whatcha doing down here?”

It was Szarka and Schultz, and they were handing out beer!

Chucky and Chick were grilling up Dogs,

With Burgers being served by O’Day and the Hogs.

Crandall cooked Hot Wings, Joseph grilled steak,

While Cates, Holmes, and Hughes helped Makowsky serve cake.

“This is nuts!” Austin shouted, “It’s one-thirty AM!”

“I expected some revelry, but this is mayhem!”

Eric Tillman tapped Austin, “ You’re not Eagle Keys -”

“But I’m not Berry, or Gotta, or Gregory – so PLEASE!”

“You’re all waddling around here like Wascana geese!”

“And in need of a dance coach like Donald Narcisse.”

“Now, you’ve all had your fun, so back to your rooms.”

But then Austin’s nose picked up the barbecue fumes.

Then Green Is The Color rang out through the air,

As Congi and Boreham played Banjos with flair.

On Davis, on Johnson, on Coach Ritchie Hall,

Even old Alex Smith flashed a smile after all,

On Lloyd, on McCullough, on Hunt and on Perry,

On Kornegay, Frazier, and yes, even Kerry.

The skydome then filled with a soft greenish glow,

And the whole Rider Nation set poised for a show.

An S and a wheat sheaf then formed in the air,

And a smile took the place of Coach Kent Austin’s glare.

Then everyone there, the players, the fans,

They formed a big circle by all holding hands,

Then right in the centre appeared the Grey Cup,

Which Fairholm and Ridway and Elgaard picked up.

They handed it over to Ritchie and Kent,

Who called Kerry and Eddie, and off the Cup went.

It was passed round the field, past heroes to present,

While Gainer dug holes for the Blue Bomber Pheasants.

That music was heard coast to coast people say

And they say Rider Pride grew three sizes that day.

Everyone left there dreaming of Blue Bomber doom.

And they sent all the Banjos to Troy Westwood’s Room.


Editor's note: The reference to Troy Westwood and Banjos are result of comments he made a while back. As noted in Wikipedia

He is arguably most known for his tongue-in-cheek insult of the rival Saskatchewan Roughriders' fans by calling them "banjo-pickin' inbreds." He later followed that up with a faux apology saying he didn't think anyone in Saskatchewan was actually capable of playing a banjo. These quotes inspired the Banjo Bowl.

Westwood is also known for his Mullet which he has vowed not to cut until he wins the Grey Cup.

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posted by Jody @ Friday, November 23, 2007  
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