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How Important Is the Yahoo Directory?
Thursday, August 09, 2007
There has been speculation lately over the direction of the Yahoo Directory. What exaactly is the Yahoo! Directory you ask? The Yahoo! Directory is a human-created and maintained library of web sites organized into categories and subcategories. Previously we posted about the potential end of the Yahoo Directory, yet this is not likely to happen soon as Yahoo reaps a large amount of revenue from the annual directory submissions. So if the Yahoo Directory is not going away, just how important is the Yahoo Directory in 2007?

Fact: The Yahoo Directory is still one of the oldest and most important directories on the Web.
Fact: There is an annual fee associated per listing per category in the Yahoo Directory.
Fact: A link from the Yahoo Directory is simply just another link from another site.

While these are all important facts, how do you determine if being listed in the Yahoo Directory is important for your site and for your business? From an SEO point of view, being listed in the Yahoo Directory is not the thing that is going to push your site over the edge in terms of search engine rankings. In fact, submitting to the Yahoo Directory may not even be necessary. Check your referral stats? Does Yahoo drive a lot of referrals to your site? The question becomes is there any value in being listed in the Yahoo Directory? Let's look at some of the advantages.

Advantages of Being Listed in the Yahoo Directory
  • It may be beneficial to submit to the directory if Yahoo Slurp is having a difficult time crawling your site.

  • If you are launching s new site, being listed in the Yahoo Directory can be used to develop new site presence.

  • While they will probably deny it, being listed in the Yahoo Directory may have an impact on your organic listings in Yahoo. Even if it is a small impact, being listed in the Yahoo Directory may indirectly affect your organic listings in Yahoo!

  • Having a listing in the Yahoo Directory is a quality inbound link to your site. Depending on the category or page that you get listed in this could be a very effective addition to your external link inventory.
There is value in having a well optimized Yahoo Directory listing. For your "SEO-buck", $299 US per year is not that bad, but keep in mind that it is $299 US that you could be spending elsewhere. Whether a Yahoo Directory listing is of benefit depends on your site and on your site users. Does the average person who is looking for your product or service use the Yahoo Directory to find their information? If the answer is no, then you might not want to shell out the money to be listed in the directory.

Being listed in the Yahoo Directory is not important as it once was. There is however, still some benefit to being listed in the directory. The value of being listed in the Yahoo Directory may in fact be in the eye of the beholder as the value will differ with each and every site.

Considering submitting to the Yahoo Directory? Follow these steps.

How to Submit to the Yahoo Directory

As taken from Yahoo:
In order to add your web site to the Yahoo! Directory, you must first suggest it to Yahoo!'s team of editors, who visit and evaluate every site added to the Directory. To suggest your site for evaluation by an editor, please follow the process outlined below.

Step 1: Check to see if your site is already in the Yahoo! Directory.

Step 2: Find the appropriate category in the Yahoo! Directory.
We ask that you suggest your site from the most relevant Directory category page.

Non-English Sites:
Please refer to the list of Non-English Yahoo! Directories.)

Step 3: Suggest your site from the link on the Directory category page most relevant to your site.

The Yahoo! Directory is made up of categories. To do a Yahoo! search to find the best category for your site:

  • From the front page, search on a term relevant to your site.
  • From the web search results page, select the Directory tab under the search box. This will confine your search to sites listed in the Yahoo! Directory.
  • Under the search bar you will see a list of "RELATED DIRECTORY CATEGORIES" and relevant sites from the Directory will be listed under "TOP 20 DIRECTORY RESULTS". You can review the list of Directory categories related to your search term and you can see various categories listed under the description of each site listed in Directory Results.
  • When you click on a category, you will go to that page in the Directory. You will see a "Suggest a Site" link located to the right of the search box on the Directory page.

Note: If you try to click on "Suggest a Site" from a broad or top-level category, such as Education, Regional, or Entertainment, instead of browsing down to a more specific sub-category, you'll be told that your suggestion is too broad. So make sure you search for and find the most specific category that describes the subject matter of your site.

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posted by Jody @ Thursday, August 09, 2007  
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